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  1. Check the ping assist setting - should be zero for not allowing local play.
  2. For troublesome devices I'm using powerlines instead of an extender, works wonders in my case. Phones have range in the whole apartment so it's not a problem (albeit previous router had better range). As for the congestion - there are 4 more networks on 5GHz non-dfs range here, all of them are 80MHz so covering the whole range. Strongest one is about -60dB. There are even some on DFS chans aswell
  3. I think that it also works on linux (it's an addon for the browser).
  4. Youtube ads cannot be blocked the traditional way because they are served from the same servers the content is served from, you have to block them on the device you use it on. On the pc uBlock Origin is enough.
  5. Yep, I've run the analyser and cut down to 40MHz. Still I'd like to have DFS channels available
  6. I wanted to switch to one of DFS channels because of traffic congestion in my area, there are several networks around here. DFS channels (and 2.4 channels 12-13) are available after the initial setup and you can choose one, they disappear forever after the restart.
  7. Changing the time zone doesn't change the availability of the wifi channels, still only 1-11 (should be 13) on 2.4 and up to 48 on 5g. Can I change the country like in the initial setup somewhere?
  8. They are configured separately. DFS channels should be available here (Poland). Can I switch the region to check it out? Plus a minor bug - daylight saving is not added to the Warsaw timezone (not a big deal, switched to Paris, but still).
  9. Hello, I'm pretty sure when I was going through the setup there were DFS channels available. Now I can only select up to the channel 48 and have no idea why and where the other dfs channels have gone Any ideas?
  10. Just to update things - finally got the router, no additional costs were added from customs and DHL.
  11. So, did any of you pay additional fees? I also received a contact from DHL regarding customs. EDIT: This is a very wrong way to label shipments: - I still did not receive an invoice from your company - There's an attached invoice to the shipping documents which is wrong (commercial/business, value from invoice is 100GBP instead of the correct sum in EUR, there are no shipping costs) - Since the value from that invoice and value from the order are different - DHL may add additional costs up to around 50EUR + VAT and on top of that customs fees.
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