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  1. Hey Liam, I cannot easily reproduce it. Sometimes it hangs up the router every time you try to backup photos but most of the time it works just fine. My guess is that when you try to backup lots of photos there's something wrong. Will see when the next problem arises. Regards
  2. It works fine after resetting it to factory settings.
  3. Today at night it died again. This time reboot fixes only the connections but the web interface is unavailable, will try to reset it to the factory settings later.
  4. PM-ed you the clips in another topic. Regards
  5. I feel somewhat uneasy about sharing it here, personal details or not Regards
  6. Ok, so I could crash the router a few times in a row. My wife enabled wifi, Google Photos on the iPhone started to backup the photos and videos, everytime it started to send the backup it hanged up the whole router in the matter of seconds. I wanted to grab the exact moment in the logs and I did. But unfortunately no logs were written/displayed, it just shows as hanged up - CPU usage lines freeze and everything becomes unresponsive. I repeated the process a few times even recording the moment on the video, I don't think it will be much helpful but if you want me to share it then PM me. Best regards
  7. @Netduma Fraser I understand, but I only powercycle after there's no option to connect to it And of course I rebooted it a few times manually thus saving the config.
  8. No, it's just adblocker acting up. I've had to set it up again - enable it, make a whitelist again (I was prepared this time) and disable for some devices. It did the same like a month ago after one of the powercycles. All the other functions are ok.
  9. Just mentioning - after those restarts adblocker lost its configuration again (whitelists, was disabled completely etc.).
  10. Around 20 photos with "live" function or what it is called in ios. Background backup with rearranging the galleries.
  11. Ok, so we could hang up the router twice in a row by sending and arranging photos in Google Photos on iPhone. Unfortunately my wife disabled wifi for a moment after the second restart and we cannot reproduce it the third time. It also hanged up when using Google Photos on iPhone one time a few weeks ago she says.
  12. Unfortunately I've had to disable remote support because logs were spammed every second with: Thu Sep 23 07:08:49 2021 authpriv.warn dropbear[20369]: Bad password attempt for 'root' from and there's no firewall to cut them off the router.
  13. Hello, it just restarted itself. EDIT: It also crashed on Sunday but I've had no time to look at it. After the powercycle on Sunday there was this line: Sun Sep 19 17:29:52 2021 daemon.info procd: Instance ndhttpd::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash Probably unrelated though.
  14. Unfortunately it's more or less random, I cannot replicate the issue, it just happens. Moreover the last two times it happened at night when we were sleeping.
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