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  1. 6 hours ago, Newfie said:

    Did you reset the router using the reset option in the software or the rear pinhole method?

    don’t use the software reset, hold the rear pinhole in for around 20 seconds. This will clear the NVram properly. Don’t use a saved config, you need to setup as new. 

    if you then reboot and it fails to remember your previous setting ie. it goes through the setup I personally would RMA the unit.

    I have tried both the pinhole and through software. Both give the same result. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Netduma Liam said:

    OK thanks for the additional information.

    I don't suppose you remember if the XR1000 had a WAN IP when you noticed you could access the interface but not the internet? You would've found this in System information.

    Are there still two random devices in Device Manager after the reset? Is there any indication as to what these devices are? Are you able to remove then by hitting "Remove offline devices" in the three-line menu?

    Let us know if issues persist after the reset.

    Sorry for the late response. Got caught up with work.

    I unfortunately don’t remember the WAN IP. The random devices that are still there after a factory reset are my own devices but they can not be removed. They are in the offline category in dumaos and i can press the delete button but it gives me a error message saying they are connected so they can not be removed. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) apple devices by default use private mac addresses when connecting to a new wifi so every time the router resets and I connected with my iPhone, it gives the router a completely new mac addresss. So one of the two devices that are left every time I reset the router is my iPhone. Just with a different mac address because of the private macaddress feature. 

  3. Well. 2 other things just happened. 

    1) I believe the factory reset isn’t working properly as after I reset, there are always a couple of devices connected to the wifi even though it is technically reset with a new password and i can not remove those devices even though they are offline technically per what the router says. i did just rest with the button on the router so will see how that goes.


    2) The router stopped working completely. Devices were connected and OS worked but no internet. (Internet is working, confirmed by direct connecting to my computer) thats why I did another reset just now with the button. I think although the random factory reset issue after every reboot may not 100% be due to power outage, but something else seems like may have been damage. I guess I will have to wait and see if this latest factory reset with the button worked or not after some use.




  4. I've had the Xr1000 router for a month now with no issues until a couple of days ago when the powerline next to my house decided to blow up and the power got shut off for a couple of hours before someone from the electricity company came to fix it. After that, when power came back and the router was up I couldn't login to DUMA OS. I would get this error message: 

    haserl CGI Error
    Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version'

    So I looked it up and one of the suggestions was to reboot the router so I did with the power button on the back and the router had "factory reset" in a way on it's own. The network name and password and all the settings like smart connect were back to factory but the custom device names I had given to each device in the device manager were still there. I did a full factory reset after that thinking wth might as well set everything up again and reboot the router with the new reboot option in the OS.

    Why? for 3 reasons,

    1) I wanted to test it out since it is fairly new 

    2) in another post regarding a similar issue OP had the same problem occur again after a reboot and I wanted to see if it was fixed.

    3) I needed to know if the power goes out again at some point in my life which it most definitely will or I have to disconnect the router to move it or whatever if this would happen again. 

    After the reboot same issue occurred I couldn't access the DUMAOS again so I had to reboot from my phone this time which reset everything and so now force updated the OS with the same update I won't do a factory reset however just yet and also won't reboot just cus I don't wana set everything up again incase the force update hasn't fixed things.
    Basically if you reboot once, you can't access DUMAOS and you get the error message I posted above. so then you have to reboot a second time which factory resets the router for some reason but in return allows you to log in to DUMAOS and fixed that error issue.

    Now my question is do we know if this is a hardware issue that may have caused after the power outage while considering the fact that someone else in the post I linked has a similar issue and OP didn't have a power outage to potentially have damaged his unit. Or is this a software issue and we just have to deal with it in the mean time and hope to get fixed at some point? Cus if it is hardware, I would like to know to see if I should get a new one but if it is software I would just suck it up for now. 


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