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    Killhippie got a reaction from UK_Wildcats_Fans in Where is the next DumaOS firmware for Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers?   
    I seem to be getting a case of deja vu.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Hydros85 in someone is trying to break in?   
    Netgear logs show ip spoofing its a known bug been around for years dont worry and ignore the logs they are very paranoid.
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Liam in NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.394   
    Hey everyone,

    We’ve got a new R2 firmware for you all!

    You can download from the below link:
    We'd suggest ensuring you factory reset the R2 after making the upgrade as there's a lot of backend changes.

    We’ve now introduced support for WireGuard in Hybrid VPN. If you’re VPN provider offers WireGuard configuration files. For instructions on how to set this up, check out this article.


    Besides this, this firmware is primarily a maintenance update addressing many of the bugs you guys have reported to us since the last firmware update. Check the below change log to see the full details of these.

    We totally get that it’s been a while since the last firmware and we’ll be posting an update explaining why, as well as why it’s not going to happen again. There's a LOT more to come, including features, over the next few months so keep an eye out...

    We’ll post updates on the forum and on our YouTube channel, we just wanted to get a firmware out to you guys first.

    Full change log:
    •    Added support for Wireguard in Hybrid VPN
    •    Added ability to use specific IPv4/IPv6 DNS in HybridVPN
    •    Fixed issue with DHCP service crashing
    •    Added better backend flash usage monitoring for preventing long-term issues
    •    Added improved configuration system allowing for faster and more stable integration of new features
    •    Fixed issue where Wi-Fi password wouldn’t match label after reset
    •    Multiple security improvements
    •    Fixed ‘Rapps not loading’ issue (Big thanks to @pollutionblues for all his help troubleshooting this)
    •    Fixed Hybrid VPN DNS leak issue
    •    System-wide GUI improvements
    •    Added cloud gaming and Work From Home categorisations for QoS
    •    Added VLAN Support
    •    Added Public IP viewable on Network Status panel - can be toggled on/off
    •    Added Set Home by address on Geo-Filter
    •    Added a Report button to the ping panel - use this to report an abnormal ping, incorrect server type, server required for online play or other (e.g. incorrect location) direct from the Geo-Filter
    •    Added Resync button to Device Manager
    •    Changed Device Manager Table View panel order
    •    Network Monitor Category Breakdown viewable by default
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    Killhippie got a reaction from robert27841 in Where is the next DumaOS firmware for Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers?   
    I seem to be getting a case of deja vu.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from raf1212 in Where is the next DumaOS firmware for Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers?   
    I seem to be getting a case of deja vu.
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Luke in Where is the next DumaOS firmware for Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers?   
    Hi everyone,
    This is an update for you guys on where we are with DumaOS and specifically, the XR/NPG routers which is why we have posted it in this subforum. 
    First of all, here’s the current status for each XR router, including links to where you can get the latest firmware for those of you who don’t already have it installed:
    XR300 – V1.0.3.68 (DumaOS 2.0) XR450/XR500 – V2.3.2.130 (DumaOS 3.0) XR700 – V1.0.1.46 (DumaOS 3.0 Beta) XR1000 – V1.0.0.58 (DumaOS 3.0)
    Now to address the problem: the speed at which XR users have been getting new firmwares. We realise it has been far too slow.
    Here’s how the firmware building process typically works:
    Every few months a new DumaOS firmware is completed This first must pass our internal testing Then it moves over to NETGEAR where it must pass their testing, including all the non-DumaOS side of the firmware Then it goes into closed beta testing Eventually, if all has gone well, it will be released The big problem we have is that if there is an issue at any point, the entire process needs to start again. Considering all the different XR routers DumaOS is on combined with the fact all of them have very large user bases (meaning disaster if a serious bug gets through) and you begin to see the problem.

    So, what can we do about this? We asked ourselves the same question at the beginning of the year and we have been working on a solution ever since. We’ll be putting a blog and video together to explain in more detail what we have done, but here is a summary.

    We have created a brand new ‘build system’ which will drastically speed up how quickly we can build and test firmware. 

    One part of this system involved writing hundreds and hundreds of automatic tests which allow a bunch of computers to test DumaOS without any human involvement. 

    Another part is to allow us to trigger new internal firmware builds every night. The purpose of this is to gather all the latest changes our developers have made during the day, build a new firmware and then kick off the automated tests. This means we can catch bugs before human testers ever get their hands on the firmware. 
    The end result of all of this is we can make stable and well tested DumaOS much, much faster than ever before.

    We’ve been working on this build system for some time and last week, we released a new R2 firmware. It was our very first full firmware built using the new build system, so it’s a bit of a landmark moment for us.

    Our plan is to now use this new system for all future DumaOS 3.0 firmwares, including XR routers, Telstra Game Optimiser, the R1 etc. It’ll take us a bit of time to tweak it to work with each router, but once done it will become very easy for us to prepare rock-solid firmwares to send to NETGEAR for their testing before then releasing them to you guys. 

    There’s still one sticking point left: the XR300 community. We really do know how far behind you are, and it sucks. All I can say is we’ll do everything in our power to try and bring you up to the latest version using this new build system - I can’t promise it will work, but we’ll do our very best.

    The last thing to say is we realise we’ve been pretty quiet over the past few months in terms of communication. Behind the scenes, we’ve never been busier. 

    We’ve got some massive features coming out in 2022. Honestly, it’s going to be the biggest leap forward we’ve ever made in our technology and is the culmination of several years of R&D. We’ve also doubled the size of our team over the past 18 months. We know it’s been a long wait, but the payoff will be worth it. 

    Thank you for all the patience on this. We know we’ve got a brilliant user community, we feel very blessed and fortunate to have you. We think you’ll love what’s coming out next and we’ll begin to share more details with you on what we have been up to, so stay tuned.

    The Netduma Team
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Squizz in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    As far as I know the XR300 is EOL (end of life) no idea if it will get DumaOS 3.0 tbh.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Locosano in Gamers or scammers?   
    I have to admit to being surprised Netduma leave these Ghost lobby posts up (well done BIG__DOG for removing them as much as you can) The cheats are against Bungles T&C's and result in a ban if caught, its also against Netdumas T&C's. The point of the game is to grind. If your attitude is to get though a game without playing by the rules you ruin the game for legit users. Bungie make some odd decisions now and then but that's no excuse for peddling cheat code. I have played since the release day of the first version of Destiny , that's over 6 years worth of game play and the crush of starting again almost when 2 came out, but I never cheated. Then people like you came along and ruined it for me, so I stopped playing with over half a million kills under my belt just for my Warlock
    People posting about ghost lobbies and offering cheat code or .exes let alone asking for money make Netduma look bad! I'm sure they guys on the forum from the Netduma team really appreciate you turning this into known site for exploit code for Destiny 2. It  does not make them look good and could damage their reputation, but then again you only seem to care about getting something for nothing, so I doubt you care. This is a site for gamers, not scammers!
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Newfie in Not sure of DumaOS is perfect for my needs. please suggest!   
    The Ubiquiti Dream machine is also good, one of the members here uses it and it would fill the slots the user is after, although it has  no Wi-Fi 6 which is a shame as that's the current Wi-Fi standard now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubiquiti-UniFi-Dream-Machine-Router/dp/B082QMR5ML
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    Killhippie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Not sure of DumaOS is perfect for my needs. please suggest!   
    As others have mentioned the XR1000 and other routers including DumaOS will not be able to achieve what you want unfortunately - I get why you want them but DumaOS is focused on gaming/family usage so they're not features most of our users would ever use.
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Not sure of DumaOS is perfect for my needs. please suggest!   
    There’s a few more to look at but some require licences, Netgate (pfsense built in), Ruckus, Aruba, Cisco and Juniper. 

    Ubiquiti range of edge routers are licence free and well priced which are a good choice if you can handle the setting up. There are other routers like the UDM Pro which are more friendly but each has its positives and negatives. if support is required then that’s where you start to pay for it. 

    I’m trying out a little UDM, it’s got it’s quirks and the UI is a bit messy and with these you have to stick to Unifi accessories if you want full functionality. 
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    Killhippie reacted to BIG__DOG in Not sure of DumaOS is perfect for my needs. please suggest!   
    Allows you to add multiple VPN Client config with support of open vpn client protocol. Have FTP support, easiy to install web server script to launch websites and mysql php. Something like Tomato Firmware. These features he is asking about are not on the XR500 or XR700 at an advanced level which he is enquiring about. Also you cannot add ftp server scripts on the XR500. Unless you can prove otherwise.
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    Killhippie reacted to BIG__DOG in Not sure of DumaOS is perfect for my needs. please suggest!   
    If  you look closer ubiquiti do a line of routers such as the edgerouter series.   
    https://www.4gon.co.uk/ubiquiti-edgemax-c-337_610_734.html       https://www.ui.com/edgemax/edgerouter/
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    Killhippie reacted to Mik4ll in Will the XR1000 work for us?   
    I'll might have to do a little more digging before my final choice i shall be back at it after work.
    thank you for all your advice, ill return probably with some questions 😊.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Mik4ll in Will the XR1000 work for us?   
    The XR1000 is I would say underpowered, it has a triple core 1.5Ghz CPU with one core being solely for DPI. So really its a dual core machine running two lots of firmware (netgear and DumaOS) The RAX120 has a 2.2Ghz 64 bit quad core SoC and a 1.7Ghz 64 bit dual core Soc for DPI and networking tasks for say Bitdefender Armor, which isn't really basic as it scans all your devices and has real-time updates for malware, phishing and ransomware ect, it also blocks malware at the router level, but you need to use the app.The R2's are not available in the UK at this time, things may change on that device as both versions run the same firmware at present. It's a onboard AV basically. None of the Netgear routers apart from the RAX200 use up and DL and UL OFDMA or BSS or TWT. The XR1000 has Netgear Armor but that does not play well with DumaOS. Honestly go for a XR500 or an  Asus RT-86U the XR1000does not have all the DumaOS features either.

     The XR500 is a better bet even though its Wi-Fi 5. It ll depends what you want, gaming or security really. The RAX120 also has the best coverage of all the devices and is the only router that can do 4K and 8K TV streams and handle 12 AX streams simultaneously. UL OFDMA has issues on all AX devices still, hence its not important, in fact OFDMA is not really worth having at all, like MU-Mimo which never really caught on.
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    Killhippie reacted to Newfie in Destiny 2 Geofilter stops working   
    A moderator has already posted about money being exchanged for information on a thread you were involved on.  As such you clearly don’t understand this sites terms and services and I recommend you don’t post any further posts concerning paying for services.
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    Killhippie reacted to BIG__DOG in Destiny 2 Geofilter stops working   
    if you disable the geo filter and later re-enable it you have to wait 2 minutes before searching for a new game. 
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    Killhippie got a reaction from Knomax in 2 or 3 settings for QOS   
    Gaming uses very small amounts of data, less than 1Mb generally, you don't need 100% for gaming.
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    Killhippie got a reaction from rww in Destiny 2 lobbies resolved?!   
    I tend to find with Destiny just playing the game as intended suffices.
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