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  1. @Netduma Fraser Yeah 100%. I am disappointed, but fully understand it was on Bungie and not Duma. And Bungie had a legitimate reason to take action in some manner, too (whether it’s DDOSing or ghost lobbies being the main reason for the change, both are against their TCs anyway). In addition, I think a lot of the anger is honestly ridiculous (to the level we’re seeing all over the internet, anyway) and think it’s mainly due to the loss of the unintentional side-effect of geo-filtering, which was breaking the matchmaking as designed to force matches with friends and/or to, let’s be honest, cheat in Trials with ghost lobbies. I’m not here for the debate about whether or how it affects others or doesn’t and if it’s just loot who cares, etc. I’m just saying this wasn’t a design feature of the router, so if you bought it for that reason your anger is misplaced here. Ask Bungie to let you run lobbies again, not Duma. Your loss of revenue on ebay and/or Flawless loot is not their problem (despite the fact that they are still trying to create a workaround for this community anyway at that). With the upcoming update to allow it to still filter by server region, I don’t understand why anyone could be upset. Netgear and Duma never designed a gaming router and software to allow people to cheat. Be mad, say “that’s why I bought the router” like many have been, but that was not an advertised feature. Thanks for the efforts irrespective of the disrespect, Duma, and I look forward to server filtering again once/if available - to be used as designed, that is. And let’s be honest, DumaOS is still one of if not the greatest software interface and feature-rich routers on the market. Cheers
  2. PlayStation worked up until a couple days ago; they started rolling it out later on PS but it appears to be mostly deployed at this point.
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that as of this week, April 10, 2021, Bungie appears to have rolled out the change on console. At least on Xbox, anyway. Using an XR500 and both myself and another can no longer use geo-filter; it simply does nothing (in the game) when filtering mode is enabled. Using an Xbox Series X and have also tested with the same result on Xbox One X. I just wanted to report this as an update. I assume we aren’t close to a quick fix on this one? Cheers
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