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  1. 17 hours ago, Saint-14 said:

    Remember guys we have a discord running with lots of people working on this, if you would like an invitation to come join just send me a personal message (quickest way) or ask in this thread and when I see it I will send an invite to your inbox.

    hey bro can you send me discord link please thanks


  2. Hello
    have been doing ghost lobbies since last year and because of pandemic no job was just doing ghost lobby making money its been week i cant make ghost lobbies because got some update from destiny i read some posts  in foum with image where bungie support said ghost lobbies not effect on other player and thats 100% true we only matchmake  between 2 consoles i want to ask  because i saw that in lfg group people still doing that if anybody have any info about how to make work again please let me know will be appreciated sorry for my bad English thanks 

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