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  1. Though PoE can be tricky for new players as there are a lot of elements that go unexplained, I'm glad I pushed through the learning curve and I expect many more months of great gameplay.
  2. Now for Path of Exile. It is an incredibly brilliant game. I have tried the early days of the game for the last few years but have been distracted by other AAA titles, but for the last month and a half I have been spending all my free time on POE and so am addicted to it. In general, I avoid free-to-play games like Plague, as there is often a lack of product, or the for-profit structure somewhat limits the playability of the game, forcing you to pay more than the priced product. After over 200 hours of play (and a brilliant game in terms of complexity and breadth of content), there is no more paywall in sight (I still bought some of the more expensive packs and PoE currency ingame to thank developers).
  3. Thanks for the info here, just get addict to EFT and this do help for me
  4. Actually I like NBA 2k20 much better
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