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  1. Yes sir, I sent the email from the address associated with this Forum User. However the email address I used to purchase the Netduma is a different one associated with my paypal. Appreciate the help.
  2. @Netduma Fraser I've sent 2 emails to [email protected] and I haven't heard back from anyone, not even an automated email. Is that the right address to start an RMA process?
  3. Did this twice. Something seems to be preventing it from booting. I'm not even getting a 169.X.X.X address anymore, the activity light for the port on the router flashes a few times and then goes dark for 3 seconds over and over again. There is something seriously wrong with this hardware. Is there a process for a replacement or RMA?
  4. No luck. Held down for 30, waited for 2 min, plugged in and nothing. Still no DHCP. Power cycled waited 2 min, still no DHCP. Tried on 2 different machines, one Mac one Windows.
  5. Can you confirm that a factory reset is performed by holding down the back reset button while the unit is powered on for >25 seconds?
  6. I get an APIPA 169.X.X.X when i remove the static ip. DHCP isnt working on the router.
  7. Hello, My Netduma R2 failed on me twice today killing the internet to the house. After power cycling the router and verifying that the router was not working properly by doing the following plugged directly into the router, no IP address handed out by DHCP plugged directly into the modem, intertner worked. I decided the next course of action would be to restore the factory defaults to the router and start from square one. I held down the reset button for ~30 seconds, waited for about a minute and plugged the ethernet cables back in. The NIC activity lights would blink and then go dark for about 3 seconds and repeat. No ip address were handed out by DHCP. I tried setting the NIC on the desktop to use the 192.168.77.X subnet and set the default gateway as, nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong? Should I hold the button down longer? As of right now I have no way of accessing the console of the router, DHCP isn't working, and everything is pointing to this router being bricked. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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