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  1. The router I am using is Opey3's. He is the owner but isn't too good with computers and networking too so he asked me to try and fix it. Sorry for the confusion. Please quote the solution as I'm not seeing which one I failed to try?
  2. I tried with and without the ethernet from the modem but neither worked. Before we used the static IP, I could still get internet access at least but afterwards, there was no internet connection.
  3. This didn't work either unfortunately. Internet access stayed disabled and no further progress to access the interface.
  4. I set a static IP as shown in the screenshot and all internet access was unaccessable. I was still unable to access the interface with and without the WAN linked to the NetDuma R2.
  5. It's saying "Cant save IP Settings. Check one..." I've also noticed when I click Change Adapter Options, it says IPv4 Connectivity: Internet, IPv6 Connectivity: No Network Access
  6. Yes. As I previously mentioned, It's acting like a splitter and not behaving like it's own access point which is strange.
  7. Shall I DM you the screenshot? - Also tried the different browser and https but neither worked.
  8. Hello, I'm currently trying to fix Opey3's Netduma R2 however the best way I can describe it, is that it is behaving like a splitter. No Wireless signal, Designated IP or interface to connect to. acts as Opey described above however it does relay the internet connection to my PC through Ethernet. There is no name on the NetDuma and no visibility other than being called "Ethernet" and "Unidentified Network". I have enabled a static IP for my PC and have scanned through most forums with this current issue with no solutions so far.
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