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  1. Already just told you. I did a factory reset on my modem on Sunday. Nothing changed.
  2. I’ve tried multiple attempts of rebooting, factory resetting, switching lan ports, etc. Nothing worked. I cannot get it to connect as a device in my modems interface anymore. Even though everything is plugged in properly. “Dumaos” won’t show as a connected device.
  3. Unfortunately not. Ever since I clicked “Forget (DumaOs) Device” from the connected devices on my modem’s interface. It has never showed up again even though I have everything connected. Could that be the reason? If so, how do I get the “DumaOs” to show up as a connected device again?
  4. I have been using the ethernet cable you provided and I used a different one. No result. My issue right now is that i’m getting the “My DNS Server Might Be Unavailable”. Like I said i’m connected to the network, i’m just not getting any internet whatsoever.
  5. I’m in system information page. It says under network that the WAN IP address is “Disconnected”.
  6. I dont know where to find the WAN IP address? But when I set my router dns to and I got this when I diagnosed my connection.
  7. I added my modems ip address in both primary and secondary cause it doesnt allow you to save it when theres not secondary and clicked save... Nothing worked? Then I put google’s dns & and still nothing worked. I’m connected to the network but i’m receiving no internet
  8. Not sure what we’re talking about here tbh. I’m not really pc savvy. Need some assistance where to find my stuff because everything is automatic for me
  9. Just have it automatically set. I tried using manual google dns but it didn’t work either? How do i have upstream dns ticked on the r2? Please instruct me how so i can do it
  10. So I am getting a known network now but I cannot access any Internet because it cannot find a DNS server. Even when the DNS is on “find automatically”. But as soon as I switch my ethernet to my ISP’s modem. Everything is found and I get internet.
  11. Finally got in the interface! But still not detecting internet for some reason? Even though my ISP’s modem/internet is working perfectly
  12. Like I said. Resetted from the back button multiple times, took out the power and reset, reset my ISP’s modem. Nothing works.
  13. The power, qos, both wifi signals & last but not least ethernet port ‘1’. All of them are turned on red and blinking
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