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    Toronto ultra

    Definitely I just been wondering cause formal was talking about the Canada host and Toronto servers during the podcast but Canada literally doesn’t even have a tiny bit of a server
  2. Rylo

    Toronto ultra

    This kinda just hit me out of the blue, but if there are not any Canada cod severs, what in the hell are Toronto ultra playing on for low pings? They gotta have something special right? Cause it doesn’t make sense to have a team based in Toronto when there are no servers here
  3. Okay, thank you so much for always being the best help, stay safe!
  4. I have QOS disabled now to try and my phone on the 5ghz, I can already tell a huge difference, I am able to play the call of duty stream at 2160p go to any part and it plays instantly! are my bandwidth speeds fine how I set or should I do 1000 down and 750 up?
  5. I’ll give this a shot, thanks for the recommendation!
  6. Yes I am using the R2s 2.4ghz for YouTube and common use, if I disable QoS it feels like it ruins stuff for my gaming
  7. My ISP package I am paying for is 1000/750 (1gig down, 750 up) on my modem I’m getting (1.09gb down, 812 up) I have Bell fiber for my bandwidth speeds on the R2 I set them to 950 down and 750 up, congestion sliders are 85% download and 99% upload, bandwidth allocation I’m using by devices when I watch YouTube on my iPhone XR anything above 1080p buffers every 3 minutes basically unwatchable, what have I done wrong? If I switch to my ISPs WiFi it’s enjoyable I can watch 2160p go to any part of the video and it’ll play instantly but I can’t do that on the R2. What have I done wrong? With the speeds I’m paying for I should be able to play any YouTube video and be fine
  8. Definitely gonna give that a try whenever I get free time, always appreciate the help when it’s needed, stay safe guys ❤️
  9. I usually have it on always but I’ll give auto a try and I usually only use classified games but recently I added my console to give that a shot
  10. I got my bandwidth speeds set to 950 down and 750 up on the R2 with 70/72 on the sliders and when I watch YouTube on my phone it buffers more then actually playing and sometimes it affects my gameplay if I’m watching a stream or something
  11. Appreciate the reply 🙂 with my speeds being 1.09gb down and 812 up, do I have my bandwidth speeds set correctly or what should i have those at? And any recommendations for bandwidth allocation for heavy gaming
  12. Top picture are sliders at 70/70 bottom picture is sliders at 70/72 with bandwidth at 950 down 750 up, my modem reporting speeds of 1.09gb down and 812 up. I was wondering to get the lines straighter do I move the sliders upwards so 70+ or lower so under 70? Any recommendations on settings?
  13. Will give a shot right now 🙂
  14. I just put them down to 70% each and I have allocation on 70% for my PlayStation, I really only play cod (Cold War)
  15. I have my bandwidth as 950 download and 710 upload, congestion sliders are 100/100 with allocation on reset values, traffic prioritization I only use duma OS classified games
  16. I’m just wondering why My download is going up a lot but upload isn’t at all?
  17. Rylo


    I was just wondering if there’s a way I can trade in my R2 for a XR500? Or not possible
  18. I just use duma os classified games, but after playing all last night it looks like it equaled out
  19. I was just wondering how I can prioritize more upload packets?
  20. I’m not really sure I just been seeing a lot about it and was interested! But I’m just gonna stick with my setup
  21. I was just wondering the benefits of using PPoE?
  22. So I’m using the ping assist set up where I put the circle in the middle of the ocean and put my ping assist to whatever, I’m just wondering when I’m playing my game do I have to enable geo filter still with that set up so like then on filtering mode or with my set up I’m good to just boot up and go
  23. Perfect, thank you for your time as always 🙂
  24. Really just trying to find the best channel and width yes
  25. Nvm I’m not able too cause I’m not running windows 10 ☹️
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