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  1. Or, if they can't fix it, fair enough just let us know
  2. DDOS is a pain, and a good thing for Bungie to solve. That is a separate issue. However I am not going to purchase a router if it can't do the 1 thing I need from it, whether that is Netdumas fault or not. I am afraid that picture you posted around the UK will soon be irrelevant once Bungie mask your IP on PlayStation/Xbox as it simply won't work. Unless Netduma can come up with a solution/workaround. I just want confirmation they are even looking into this.
  3. Can support confirm whether geo filtering is currently working on Destiny 2 PC? I see netduma admin 'liked' SETi-D's incorrect reply, so can I get a response please? As purchases currently hinging on this Thanks
  4. Not playing with people from all over the world is surely 90% of the reason to use a Netduma- we play in the UK and entire weeks go by with never playing anyone from UK or even France, and we play every night, and on open NAT, etc Most of the time(99%) we have to deal with incredibly, horrifically laggy gamers from russia, china, japan...even australia. It is truly miserable. Destiny 1 was the same - until I bought my original duma R1. I just persuaded my friends to also get one each, hopefully Netduma address this issue. Especially as they still have a YouTube video showing how good the Duma is for Destiny
  5. Are you playing on PC? because if you are on console I don't think Bungie have rolled out the DDOS changes yet, which affect the geo filter
  6. Myself and my fireteam were just about to pull the trigger and each buy an R2- to play crucible in Destiny 2 PC against european gamers and not always matched against canadians, Japanese and Russian players, but on my final look into it making one hundred percent sure it works by checking these forums, it seems to no longer work. Seems like everyone waiting for Netduma to respond to Bungies change for a long time now. I really hope this isn't true, as Netduma just lost 3 sales if it is!!!! I used to own the R1, I used it for Destiny 1 on Xbox it was amazing only playing people in europe.
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