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  1. interesting, tnx I like bitcoin miner games, where I can practice my mining skills and earn some extra coins. For me it's great way to test mining skills, complete missions, undertake tasks, and play games to build mining empire. Plus it's great way to kill time.
  2. Let's discuss what games we play
  3. cool, tnx for recommendations. I like different music channels like Ten Second Songs and Smooth McGroove. I often download music fro YouTube and now I have a nice collection in my playlist. I found blog with free video downloaders. Useful tool these days.
  4. What channels do you follow on YouTube?
  5. I think it's a useful tool these days
  6. Currently robots/automation have taken over raw material processing and a large portion of machining as well as pick/place in PCB assembly. However, in large machines and even in small devices, a lot of the final assembly is done by hand with devices that have more than 10+ parts (wiring together, bolting things together, packaging, etc.). I found a reliable supplier of automation equipment here https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/siemens-flow-measurement_2 . They have fast delivery service and provide industrial automation equipment from simple electronic components and switches to high-voltage complex systems.
  7. Btw I use proofreading and writing service at https://writingcheap.com/ from time to time, they often help me with grammar check and proofreading. As for me it's a great option for students. With its help I got good grades in Engish.
  8. it seems to be entertaining, I haven't heard about it before
  9. I study programming too right now. I found to help me with my java homework. These guys are professionals in writing and programming and saved my time. Hope I'll get a degree next year and make a career in IT one day.
  10. same here, writing is not my strong suit
  11. Reading books and playing video games
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