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  1. fair enough. Separate Question. How do I add my friends that are on playstation and PC when I'm on xbox? Their icon never shows up even after joining on my lobby. Does cross-platform work the same way?
  2. I've been settings everything up before launching the game. It seems like SOMETIMES it'll connect to a game on the miami server but a lot of the time it loses connection or something. It's only 55ping it shouldn't be that big of a deal I figured. Basic process. -Geo-Filter set to on. -select server area I want to target. -launch game. -search. -wait. -wait. -wait. It found a game after about 10minutes so technically it "works" but it's still a long time waiting for a match. and it seems like I've got to restart the entire game after every match of warzone in order for it to find another match. I'll allow the server and then it'll change so I'll allow it again but that doesn't seem to do anything particularly. What are the ideal settings for geo-filtering? auto ping on or off? ping assist 0? QoS 70/70? I mean I feel like i've followed the steps I've even gotten my IPv6 working correctly. Should it be in DMZ? I've got all the ports forwarded properly. it's a little wonky still learning.
  3. this is what'll happen a lot. I'll have the geo-filter over the location/server I want and then it'll act like it's connecting outside of it to either Illinois or Iowa or North Carolina.
  4. no I was searching for a lobby for like 10minutes
  5. I live in Michigan and I want to connect to the Miami server, regardless of ping.
  6. Alright here's another question. I have the xr1000, which lacks the hybrid VPN capabilities for some reason. Which is horribly stupid, imo. And without the ability to change my region Call of Duty basically refuses to connect me to games in different locations around the country, regardless of the ping. Sometimes it will connect me after like 5-10minutes. Is there a solution where I could use a third party VPN on my wired connection? If not now, when because this seems like an urgent issue all users are having trouble with, some even going as far as to return the router itself. What advice do you have for people without the ability to use a VPN?
  7. That worked for the most part. I do notice I can never connect to anything in polygon mode and I can't connect when ping assist is at 0 really.
  8. With the exception to one in Europe. I live in Michigan. For whatever reason when the game starts it says all the servers are blocked. And when I set the geofilter to my home location it says the only server that isn't blocked is in Europe. here are some screen shots. I'm new to this. I'm using the Ping heatmap to find the warzone servers, then I go to the geofilter and sometimes it makes me login again but doesn't load, it just has that spinning wheel so I reload the page. that's about it. I might be missing a step or have something incorrectly set. QoS is set to 70/70. I have the router bridged from my xfinity modem. It seemed to work alright when I first used it then it stopped working and I had to restart my console and then the router itself. Ping Assist is at 30. Distance is at 500. And that's about it. Any help would be appreciated. I'd really like the ability to connect to a server not in europe lol.
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