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  1. this is the switch I have: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A128S24 There doesn't seem to be any difference directly connected vs. connected to the switch. My Xbox latency is at over 60ms tho and that's weirding me out. I tried running my stream from a vpn while directly connected to the router and this is what ping plotter says about my xbox connection. you can see pretty obviously when I start streaming.
  2. I'm not sure what managed vs. unmanaged is. I'll try directly connecting.
  3. ethernet cable. I have it hooked up from the router to a tp-link switch which goes to my xbox and then my laptop as well.
  4. I'm not using Traffic Prioritization at all other than the default setting. I did not add any other devices to it. Here is a screenshot of pingplotter and my xbox connection and the difference when I simply open each application. I'm not even streaming in these instances, is this normal?
  5. It weirdly started giving me ping spikes but nowhere near as bad as streamlabs. streamlabs was instantly where obs seemed like it took time to affect my connection. Not sure tho. speculating.
  6. tracked down what the ping spike source was, Streamlabs. OBS doesn't make it spike. Streamlabs, definitely, definitely does.
  7. I'll look into it it seems to be doing it randomly or when I mess with QoS/Geo-filter settings not sure which. Which leads to probably the finally part of this journey. what's the ultimate way to get ping and latency down on xbox? It seems like I'm getting random ping spikes but it could be normal behavior. I"m using ping plotter and it sure isn't a flat line. My ping target is never less than 16ms. no matter what. I'm not sure if it's my ISP or what. but I rarely get ping but better than 50-60ms. and I've gotta assume I dont have these settings maximized the results seem extremely inconsistent tho. Using the Connection Benchmark tool could say one thing one minute and be totally different the next test. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It SEEMS like its better when the upload is at like 98percent but then it cuts my DL to like 50percent if it actually got ping down in warzone I'd sacrifice the speed easily.
  8. it stayed active since about my last post. but I'm not positive. I have to reboot the router and then restart my entire console for it to register the IPv6. The bad part is there is no real warning or sign that it's broken itself until people start having connection issues. All I know that changed was I turned filtering mode off on the geo-filter because I wasn't hosting. I checked the network settings this evening and had to reboot > restart. Am I missing something to get this to work properly?
  9. My IPv6 isn't working properly. It will work on my xbox and it'll say IPv4 & IPv6 and whatever but then IPv6 will stop being recognized on xbox and it will go back to saying it's only IPv4. If I reboot the router it fixes it but it happens almost daily. It seems like it has to do with when I adjust the geofilter location or something. Either way it's become a huge pain having to reboot the router everyday. Is there any other ways to fix this IPv6 issue?
  10. I tried that. And when I allow one another pops up that's blocked in the same spot.
  11. But I did what you said and removed ALL approved and denied servers and players.
  12. on further investigation it's me that can't connect to party chat. If I create a party it times itself out or whatever and says there's a party error. Quite a hassle.
  13. so the console has to be off before you select a location? The problem with that is when my friends join the xbox party, even if allowed, it will not connect unless I turn filter mode off. I then have to turn it back on while the console is on and I'm in a party for it to connect to them or the xbox service itself (is there a server I should allow for that?). So how can my friends connect to my party with filtering mode on? It doesn't seem to allow them even when they're on the allow list. And if I can't use filter mode unless the console is fully powered down and restarted how do work around this party chat issue. Because that's the made reason I have to turn filtering off in the first place it never connects to xbox party. I would like to host. If I don't host I don't have the issues because filtering mode is then turned off but my friend has a horrible connection thus I'm forced to host.
  14. I cleared out everything from the allowed list and it's still doing it. I'm not sure what's the problem when it worked yesterday and then just stopped working. Is it when I change the location of the geofilter? Is it not made to be moved around often? I like trying the different servers out to see how difficult the players are and how good the connection is but that becomes impossible when this thing is connecting outside of the radius. And on top of that when I use the ping heat map it will show there's at least two servers in Florida for example but it doesn't connect me to either of them generally.
  15. I've tried but it seems like the server address/ID changes after every time I connect to the server so doing it every time I want to play is sort of a pain. But if that's what the solution is I'll do it. Currently the only peers allowed are my friends that I've added.
  16. No Sir. Strict Mode is the only option selected in the side panel other than I changed it from kilometers to miles.
  17. I'm still running into consistency issues and geo-filtering issues. Again, here I'm trying to filter and play the miami server ping assist is at zero. I've restarted my console twice. and yet, I'm in ohio. I sorta think Geo-filtering is broken or something because my IPv6 will just magically stop working and I'll have to reset it up. really does feel almost pointless without a vpn. So why is it connecting to servers outside of the filter? where's the server that I'm connected to if it's not the ohio server?
  18. Does it matter if your QoS Upload and Download speed are different percentages or is it preferred to keep it at the default 70/70? The Auto-Config wants to take my 470mbs download speed down to 51percent and leave my upload speed 27mbs (about) at 98percent. Now the question is how do I use the connection benchmark tool properly to get the bets results since I'm still occasionally experiencing packet loss in-game. Getting my ping down has been a struggle. If I make the geo-filter around my state and the surrounding areas it's almost as if it's forcing me into a higher ping around 80ms. I have ping assist at 25. here's a screen cap of the details: here are three connection benchmark tests I ran back to back at the recommended auto-config setting of 52/86: and then the final test will be 70/70: The results vary so much that I'm not sure what to adjust. The auto-config settings seem better but I'm not sure it's confusing. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  19. nevermind I cold restarted everything and then it started working. there must have been an update or something.
  20. Something happened where my router reset to the point of having all the tutorials pop back up and now the geo-filter is not working at all. Not sure what to do. rebooted. flushed the geo cloud and rebooted it. rebooted console. not sure what's going on.
  21. Well there's a few examples I can think of that happened while filter mode was on and I had allowed my friend on xbox but it won't connect to party chat unless I turn filtering mode off. Is there an Xbox Live Server I should be allowing? example #1 friend lives 10minutes from my house and Party Chat will not connect. I turn off filtering mode and it allows them in but then does not filter properly. example #2 friend lives in Alabama and Party Chat will not connect even if he's on the allowed list, which they are. I turn off filtering mode and I can connect. example #3 friend lives in Ontario and plays on Playstation 4, I play on Xbox Series X. I cannot see him as a peer to allow into the allowed section. Again I must turn off filter just to join his game on warzone. He usually hosts when we play so I join him rather than the other way around, which always seems to work. He can join on me but I can't join on him. example #4 friend is on PC and lives near me. It will not find his peer connection or whatever so I can add them. It simply doesn't show up. I'm not sure if this is simply because I'm on xbox or what. And even if I have these friends on the allowed list the actual connection to the party chat on xbox live does not connect unless filtering mode is off. so to summarize. I'm having trouble connecting to my friends in xbox live party chat if they're on xbox and then I'm also having trouble connecting to my friends actual game session on PC and PS4. There's ways to get it to sort of working but then I lose the ability to geo-filter altogether and the router becomes pointless. For simplicity's sake we'll just say I'm trying to force Miami even though it would be similar if I tried Texas or Seattle. And when I do that nobody can connect even if they're allowed. I'm not really sure how to resolve it at this point. I'd ask them for their IP addresses to add but I'm not sure if that's even possible.
  22. Yes. I'm on Xbox Series X and my friend is on PS4 and the other is on PC. The PS4 and PC players do not show up. The one in Ontario on PS4 never shows up and I play with them a lot. and have to turn filter mode off just to join on his game. It's quite annoying. It doesn't seem to be a problem for my friends on xbox though.
  23. I try to keep it fully zoomed out yes. My friend in Ontario never shows up and I mean never and I've tried it multiple ways. Question: If I turn off filter mode once in game to allow them into party and then turn it back on will it still work or do the settings revert to as if there is no geo-filter?
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