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  1. I dont have any games atm really. But it seems logical what you say about cod not responding to traditional pings. I’ll update this post as soon as i have other games installed.
  2. Its happening to all of the servers im afraid. I also tried to manually ping my buddy to allow him through the filter, but its just loading in and nothing else happens.
  3. I was actively playing. This is the graphs that shows during a match. No ping-graph. Im playing warzone. I have the newest firmware
  4. The auto ping says nothing 😬 i dont get the ping-graph. I also noticed that if i turn off auto ping host i cant manually ping. Its just loading in forever and nothing happens.
  5. Yo! Im been trying to use the ping assist as a ping filter. I set the geofilter in the ocean, filter on, strict mode on. If i set the ping assist to 30 all servers shows as ping assist servers when i launch the game and the in-game ping still often is 40-60ms. I know there is servers that i have 27-30 ms on, but the filter dont block the other servers. PS: would be really helpful with the ping heatmap. Please give us some good news on when DumaOS 3.0 is releasing on the xr300
  6. Haha.. That is a shadowban. It happens if you cheat.
  7. It still says moderate unfortunately
  8. The console dont say anything. Im still on PC 😁
  9. @Netduma Fraser the modem does not provide wifi. It says moderate without the filter also. I tried to disable upnp and opening all the ports from activisions home page also. Cant really understand it 😳 Anyways; will having an open NAT actually help me in any way?
  10. @Netduma Fraser my modem is just a standard one from my isp. Router is xr300. Im checking in-game. Dont know where else to check. Im on pc, not console
  11. Thanks for the answers! I tried to open port 3074 but it still says moderate. Im on pc btw
  12. Can anyone tell me the benefits of having an open NAT? I have moderate now. Tried port forwarding whithout any luck. And also: is having a static IP and open nat considered to be a security risk?
  13. Hi! My Geo Filter is acting a bit wierd and it makes me a bit worried. When i play with my homie he shows up on the geo filter in his correct location / correct country. BUT.. my location shows up i Belgium. Everytime. I live in Norway and never has the geo filter shown me a peer (me) in Norway. Always in Belgium. My question is why? Im on the verge of getting a little paranoid Also; can you please tell us where you are in the process of releasing DumaOS 3.0 for the XR300? I bought it believing it would have Ping Heatmap and so on because its advertised with DumaOS 3.0 :S
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