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  1. Hello I'm from TN I've tried literally everything I've read in the forums. I made my device a console device instead of pc. I've used polygon mode, strict mode, both auto ping host and without and no matter what I can't connect to a server that I try and geo filter too. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've reset, I've waited two minutes and deleted the device and readded it.
  2. I recently purchased the Netduma R2 and I have been trying to use the geofilter in DumoS for some reason when I have my stuffed geofiltered it actually doesn't geofilter. I have tried polygon mode and the other mode and it keeps putting me on the same Call of Duty server everytime. I'm not sure if I have done something wrong or not. I have tried flushing the cloud but it won't complete the flush. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it!
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