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  1. Suddenly dumaos in the browser doesn´t take me to the login screen. but does. Also the login credentials were gone and I had to hard reset it to get it setup again. Dumaos returns http://dumaos/desktop/index.html?cache=0#com.netdumasoftware.dashboard DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN My ISP router is bridged to use the netduma.
  2. No, I have fully disabled it. Sorry for the looong response. Ah okay. That maybe why the Ferratel video on my samsung smart tv doesn´t work anymore... :/
  3. I just discovered that Adblock on Netduma R2 stopped working. Firmware is 3.0.205 I rebooted the Netduma and disabled and enabled the adblock. But there are not hits on any of my devices. Not on Windows 10 pc or Samsung Notepad. They both connect wired.
  4. It´s currently listed for Netduma R1 here, but is consistent with the R2. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000091217-latest-firmwares
  5. Flemming_dk


  6. Find your PS5 MAC address. Watch how to find it here; You don´t have to add a static ip address. Netduma should open all the relevant ports.
  7. The process hung, so after 5 hours i cut the power. But then it wouldn´t recognise the login. And it was the correct ones. So i reset the router reverting back to original firmware. And tried it this morning without any problems. After about 2 minutes the login popped up and now it´s 3.0.179 firmware.
  8. HI there, I had issues with a tablet disconnecting after 22 at night, so Netflix didn't work and some apps not working on my smart TV. I updated to 3.0.179 firmware and it hangs in the update. Antivirus was disabled. And now it says on Netduma login after a while "This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute" But now 15 minutes has gone since the upgrade started. I got internet on the Netduma router. What do I do? Wait it out or cut the power? It seems like the upgrade process is stuck. Windows 10 pro.
  9. The wifi password printed on my Netduma R2 is wrong. Log in to the router and see the listed password.
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