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  1. I cannot access the modem anymore after the bridging mode.
  2. So I just did the setup and after typing in the credentials and submitting, it's saying "Could not detect an Internet Connection". Yes the R2 is connected to a PC.
  3. What setup wizard? Do you mean to reset to the R2? The modem router is Centurylink C3000Z.
  4. Lan port from the modem not the ethernet port? Or is that the same? Here are some pictures. 2nd pic is the ISP modem.
  5. No, just 3. That is the power, WAN/LAN, and ethernet 1.
  6. Okay. So I did just that and I still dont have internet but, now I can't access the ISP router. Also in the bridging mode in the ISP router there's tagged 201, untagged, custom and other stuff. It's set to tagged 201.
  7. Should I enable MTU or any of those other settings?
  8. I contacted the century link (my ISP) and helped me with some settings to setup the bridging mode but, there's no internet connection so they told me to contact you guys and they gave me info about PPP.
  9. I will try that. I noticed that it is kinda warm under the router. I will let you know if the disconnection/reboot happens again.
  10. Also just this morning the internet connection was lost for a couple of seconds then back on. Then it happened again. I have a feeling that it will happen again later. I am looking at the logs here: Let me know if you guys need more.
  11. It's still new. I attached a picture so you can see how it's positioned. I did not perform any manual updates. I was just watching at that time when it rebooted.
  12. I haven'y check the logs. Where do I find it?
  13. I just got my R2 this afternoon. The R2 rebooted today I don't know if it updated or not but, I was just watching on prime video. What do you guys think happened?
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