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  1. Wow. Like a magic. Yeah it works! Thank you! Update: Hold on. There's no internet connection. I'll try to reboot again. Update2: Okay so I guess 2 reboots? Everything's fine now.
  2. I haven't done the upgrade yet. In the settings both 2.4 and 5ghz are enabled and broadcast ssid. I even turning off the 2.4ghz and back on, but no luck.
  3. @Netduma Fraser Okay so I cannof see 2.4ghz anymore. All the ones that are connected to it cannot find thr ssid. But there's still 5ghz...
  4. It's back on. Sorry for the late reply. Should I update or not?
  5. @Netduma Fraser Im sorry for the very late reply! It hasn't happened for so long until today. Today it's taking too long. It's still not connected to the internet while our ISP's modem is connected.
  6. @Netduma Fraser Just today for a couple of minutes the wifi was lost and now that the internet is back I can't access Dumaos.
  7. @Netduma Fraser Okay, just today the 2.4ghz is gone. Devices suddenly lost connection to 2.4ghz, but the 5ghz and ethernet is fine. Update: Tried to wait if it will come back up again on its own, but didn't. I had to reboot the R2 and it came back. Should I upgrade now or should I wait?
  8. @Netduma Fraser I'm asking where should I draw the polygon mode on the map in geo filter to achieve lower ping for all of us in Valorant. And yes we can choose which servers in the Valorant, also which servers should I choose too so we can all benefit?
  9. Okay so they have lower ping in US West Cali 1 and 2 like 28-30 ping. And I have lower ping US East N Virginia 2 and US Central Georgia. How should I edit my geo filter map? This is the Valorant NA Servers that we can choose:
  10. Cool. Thank you! I will try using it then.
  11. Also the hybrid vpn how does it work and what's the difference between the hybrid vpn and the other vpn sevices like PIA or wtfast?
  12. So I have used the geo filter and QOS, but I still don't know how to use rhe ping heatmap. Whenever I scan it I only see three dots on the map, the two is on another country and then there's only one in NA. All three has 100+. I'm scanning for Valorant btw.
  13. Yeah. I'm scared to upgrade anyways. I will start connecting the rest of the devices to the R2 today since I haven't had any issues. Does my current version have these improvements in the QoS: Congestion Control Auto-Setup is now less aggressive - users should see improved results. Improved QoS Stability.
  14. @Netduma Fraser Nice. I hope it gets fixed. So I saw that the new firmware is out. I haven't downloaded it yet. I haven't had any problems yet which is really nice! Now I'm kinda scared to update it to the new one. Should I?
  15. @Netduma Fraser In the Geo-filter map, add device is not working. QOS takes a minute to load then gives an error. Update: I rebooted the R2 and everything I mentioned above was resolved, but the internet connection on both ethernet and wifi are gone and there's internet connection from modem (ISP). I unplugged the R2's ethernet connection to the modem and plugged it back in and it resolved it. I just think that R2 should get the internet back without having me to do that. Hope this helps for the new firmware.
  16. @Netduma Fraser Internet connection lost in 2.4 and 5ghz. But there's internet connection from modem/router(ISP). Update: Internet's back on. I didn't do anything. It fixed itself?
  17. Wifi's back on. 4 devices connected. Will connect other devices if the wifi lasts longer then if it's stable hopefully the rest.
  18. @Netduma Fraser After factory reset, the wifi isn't broadcasting the SSID. I will try restarting the router and see if it fixes the problem.
  19. I didn't change the device name. Like every page I go to that error pop up.
  20. Update: After giving the dumaos a static IP. Then rebooting the R2, the internet connection was lost. This is the R2 still have the lights on even there's no internet. Also did the "unplug replug the ethernet cable" and still no internet connection. Update: I enabled the DMZ and put the IP of the R2 in the list. Internet connection is back! Still having the same errors when opening dumaos and every page in dumaos.
  21. Maybe they're going to send us a free fan that can be attached to the R2? lol I mean it's a possible solution.
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