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  1. hey is there any issues with the netduma rap. as nothing is loading the geo filter and the network are not responding
  2. The ping is relatively okay around 50 and there isnt any lag but its just wen it comes to the hit detection is really poor. Would it be that the UK server is bad and i should look other parts of EU?
  3. I have done all that and seems not to be helping. What would effect hit detection ?
  4. now will this help with say Hit detection on games such as call of duty. I am seeing now that I am have very bad hit detection. What would you suggest
  5. Quick question. What does the flushing the cloud setting actually do?
  6. Well the wifi is connected but the devices do not have any internet connection. There is no speed at all. the pages do not even load saying no internet connection. once I switch off the router and plug it in it starts working but then again after a while the same thing happens
  7. Hi Team, my routers wifi keeps stop working. i have to switch it off and on again for it to work again i am doing this at least 3 times aday now, can you help?
  8. Okay, but I get better connection with UPnP on can I activate this after or will it delete the rule again
  9. please see the rule. and I have added another pic to show you the deleted device.
  10. quick advise trying to add a port getting this error
  11. Done this and seems to be a lot better again. Maybe as I’ve put it on always it’s sorted it out. I have gone down to 70% and it’s a lot better
  12. Got your new email but no hyperlink on the email for the survey
  13. I have tried to lower my upload on manual. But it’s stays at 13ms. initially before I was running on 46% and was doing good but now regardless what percentage it spikes high. To be fair would just like it more stable to the jitter. Any advise
  14. This should fix the issue with the heat ping map ?
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