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  1. Once you activate the VPN to a location which is far away, the matchmaking stucks on "searching for guardians...". Does anyone (maybe one of the netduma stuff) knows why?
  2. Do you have an estimated date when the Destiny 2 Geo-Filter is working again?
  3. How is it going? @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam
  4. FYI https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/multiplayer/matchmaking
  5. Could be done with wireshark (sniffing part) and a Firewall (blocking part), but this could also result in error codes if bungie use some valve servers for authentification.
  6. this is currently missing. the player search (now) always starts with the nearest server. If he does not find any in the foreseeable future that meet the criteria (SBMM/CBMM), he goes one server further and so on. So we would need a restriction that he may not change the server.
  7. openVPN is just the software, not the provider. there are many different vpn providers, but no one should wonder why they are not disclosed. i think i know which one he uses, that would also explain the location in the netherlands, where there are many other servers right next to it that are well visited. Can not comment on this exactly, unfortunately, because here again there is the danger that the servers are subsequently overrun and ultimately good for nothing. I mean as long as everyone deactivates vpn when you do not need it, it's all no problem. But there are enough lazy people who make these settings once and then never enter the web interface again. and then these players are permanently in the public pool.
  8. He's not doing something special, but I really appreciate the proof. He said He use a server in amsterdam, the most important thing is the vpn provider he's using 😊
  9. As I said: the other ones on patrol were also correct located 😊 only thing is that all the ips are replaced with the steam ips now (and the already mentioned changes)
  10. thats not completely true. my location popped up correctly on the geo filter world map as of the other people who were on patrol. Some of these player icons are servers yes, but rarely (e.g. the one valve server in australia).
  11. it works only on one platform for about one or two weeks,. then no platform supports the geo-filter. you should safe your money until the duma team give us a clear information about this.
  12. yes you can analyze the whole traffic with wireshark to find out the ports for the matchmaking on console. you need to connect your xbox with your pc through lan to do that.
  13. estimated in 1 or 2 weeks. bungie surely had some help from microsoft to implement this which they didnt have with a japanese company like sony.
  14. a completely wrong approach. such statements rather lead to a complete stop of the work on the geo-filter, because the dumaos team does not support it.
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