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  1. ok thanks ill do that now
  2. how do i even do that
  3. this is what i see when its offline it just happened
  4. this is what i see when the connection is down
  5. can i not see it while the connection is up?
  6. the connection drops like every morning for some reason only in the mornings yeah i can see the interface
  7. my modem is Arris
  8. idk why but like every 2days in the morning my netduma always disconnects and i have to reset my whole internet i put the DHCP to 168 hrs and idk its still say not connected sometimes should i put the hrs up more yes im hard wired and yes its connected to the modem
  9. is anyone getting this on there geo filter This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute mine isnt poppin up and it keeps saying that
  10. i mean right now the r2 been connected havent disconnected
  11. i have dynamic ip i have arris modem
  12. it wasnt poppin up but now its working
  13. whats going on to geo filter?
  14. nah i got modem and the netduma connect im hard wired
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