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  1. I got my xbox port to 3074 and as of now everything on warzone nat type been open for 2 days
  2. my console says Open but my game warzone says moderate it went back to moderate and ok ill do that
  3. in my WAN setting it doesn't show nothing bout nat type at all im using Dhcp and yeah its working now since I restarted the router
  4. Why after I put every different port in on my port forwarding in warzone my nat type is still moderate ? can anyone help
  5. it doesn't work well with DHCP either because I use that and it still super slow
  6. problem is fixed when I switched back to DCHP and saved it my internet came back up false alarm
  7. my R1 is down and and is not connecting when I plug in to my modem anymore idk whats going on I changed it to PPOE then boom my internet went off then I switched backed to dchp but its still off idk whats going on but I cant get no signal with my duma Router
  8. mines is the same super slow when im downloading
  9. yeah im using Qos and yes both were wired connections im using Dumaos yes I still entered the bandwidth of what my internet suppose to be
  10. So i plug me provider router back in and i see i was getting the download speed i was suppose to get which is 333mbps then i plugged in the NetdumaR1 and got way lower which is 30mbps is this suppose to happen if not how can i fix this ?
  11. my xbox connected wired and my pc is connected wired everything else is wifi
  12. im just confused on all this how do I keep the nat type open for good theres a ps4 but its not connected to my internet
  13. yeah im using dumaos I have a pc connected wired a laptop wireless and phone wireless how do I just restart everything and just re connect only my xbox console
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