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  1. i found out that it works the best in the mornings i was in a lobby with 0.7 KD !! so i see early mornings are the best !!! and the longer it takes you to get in the game the more youll get in a puta lobby thanks alot !!
  2. draw a poly over where i live in nyc i wanna play FL Bahamas area im not trying play in nyc huge population
  3. whats the best modem to buy ?
  4. my base ping is 11 ms the lowest ping show on heatmap is 13 in ny and FL is 46 where i have my location at
  5. is 1000 miles radius to much if i put my home to FL or is that perfect if you play warzone what is your radius at?
  6. ping goes from 22-70 sometimes which is about right
  7. located in nyc but i have it in FL 1000 radius strict mode always on and yeah anything else i need to know about ? or do
  8. yeah i do need help understanding the geo filter more tbh then
  9. facts ! tbh i dont need it
  10. theyre using vpns i just asked a streamer they use vpns singapore bahamas hawaii etc
  11. do you guys like sell vpns ?
  12. how do these streamers have the same router as me but in warzone they be playing the super bots is it because i play on console ?.... is it because all my friends dont have the same routers like i need to know where are these streamers playing at
  13. i barely get in the game should i extend the radius if i should how much 600?
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