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  1. For the tournament , I needed to know my opponents connection. I was relating the ping being displayed to connections in the past which it was noticed that the ping being displayed in netduma wasn't accurate to the stuttering match, so I'll assume its the ping to a data center and not their wifi connection.

  2. When it worked a month or 2 ago,  I specifically had it setup as Computer and the person I connected to would be the only Host that would show up.

    Now 3 or more host show up.

    There is in game match searches for regular matches,   for the tournament we will however join a lobby made by us or a tournament organizer.

    This game doesn't allow filtering connections prematch, They only show up after I connect to them (I may able to filter them after connecting).

    Also the pings displayed don't account for whats going on in the match. Would that be the games netcode or something else?

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