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    Qure reacted to Netduma Fraser in CS:GO Players - we need you!   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    It is harder but I believe it does work for non ranked games
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    Qure reacted to skschatzman in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    I disagree. It is something every company "can" do. Not every company "will" do is the proper response. You guys have the resources to push support faster than a snails pace, but you choose not to. It isn't a matter of can or can't. Its a matter of choice. There are many companies that can compile hundreds of gigabytes of data a year into a program or game. How much more complex can a few megabytes in a firmware be? Is there only 1 guy doing all the work? Why? Greed? Share the wealth and grow your company by employing more staff. Find the bottleneck and fix it. You are bleeding reputation. reputation=profit.
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    Qure reacted to N3CR0 in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    This is why I got rid of my XR500. I bought it the day it came out and used it for about 2-3 months and peoples are still reporting the same issues I had today so nothing has been fixed.
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    Qure reacted to JimPaps in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    A firmware update for what? The router is working as intended. 
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    Qure reacted to Boga in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    over 6 months without a firmware update. no wonder people are looking for alternative firmware.
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