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  1. I downgraded the Firmware to v2.3.2.40. Seems like I don't get this error on this version. My ISP Modem is having issues handing L2TP by itself.
  2. The L2TP works on my ISP Modem. I only get this error on the "QoS" page, when I'm trying to interact/update the values with "Congestion Control" and "Bandwidth Allocation". I get the same error in both of them. I'm connected via Coax Cable by 2 different ISP, which means I can switch between DHCP and L2TP connection and get different Routing. I use the L2TP because the Line feels much more "clean" than the DHCP. FPS competitive games play smoother with better Register-hits and the Server-side updates on the animation feels more responsive / less delayed than what I get with DHCP connection. (I think it's less congested routing that relay packets much more "cleanly" by giving- less jitter / less out-of-order udp packets / more stable ping flactuation) My issue is that I want to midigate any Bufferbloat with the L2TP connection to see if there will be an improvment. As you can see, it's kinda ass when I test the "Connection Benchmark".
  3. I have the XR500, Firmware v2.3.2.130. I'm connected via L2TP with "Always On" connection mode. I keep getting this Error: "RPC error 'ERROR_CMDFAIL': Exec 'tc qdisc add dev brwan parent 2:1 handle 3 fq_codel' failed with 2" Everytime I change from "Always" to "Never" or "Auto-Enable", I get this annoying error. I did 3 Factory Resets in a row and it didn't fix it. I also tried to connect without L2TP, to a connection that doesn't require login credentials / dial up and it still didn't worked. It only started giving me errors after I updated to the newest Firmware v2.3.2.130. (I updated from an older version which didn't had the V3 DumaOS implemented. I don't remember the older version tho')
  4. I play CS:GO quite a bit. isn't the Geo-Filter for CS:GO is useless since they use 'relay-servers' or whatnot to avoid ddos-attacks.
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