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  1. Ok put the Netduma on DMZ . Deleted PS4 from device manager, flushed cloud. Rebooted ISP hub, Netduma and PS4. 

    Step back now as PS4 not showing in the Netduma device manager list, even though I can connect to PSN and play online?

  2. 10 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Just to double check does the IP in the PS4 network settings match with the IP of the device you think is the PS4 on the Device Manager and that device is added to the Geo-Filter? 

    Yes the IP addresses match up in the network manager. 

    I do have the Netduma connected to my ISP modem/router via LAN, and using the Netduma for Geo-filter function only. I don't think this setup is the issue as I didn't have this problem on COD Blackout? 



  3. 59 minutes ago, He4DHuNt3r_XIM said:

    You are most likely experiencing the same issue I & many others are having with BT, EE & Plusnet (BT Network) with prioritizing streaming/video content.

    There's a 72 page thread on the BT forums of people complaining of high latency spikes whenever there's someone streaming video content.



    Scanned through the thread and it's worrisome that it was started March 2019 and there still doesn't seem to be a fix. Will keep trying with the Duma but will also start exploring options on the BT side.

  4. The R1 is set to DHCP - should I be using PPPoE? 

    I've downloaded Pingplotter and tried as you suggested. Had to set download slider all the way down to about 15% (~10Mbps) before latency plot generally stabilised below 50ms (base is around 20ms) but still had some spikes above 50ms.

    Otherwise, when streaming getting regular spikes above 100ms.

  5. Thats correct BT to R1, nothing else connected to the BT hub (WiFi is off).

    I use a Roku stick over WiFi but see the same issue when streaming on my phone, tablet or laptop. Also happens when connected via Lan (well usb to ethernet) on my MacBook. 

    Not using pppoe on the hub.



  6. I'm currently using an ethernet over power adapter but have tried via direct Lan cable and over WiFi.

    The ping isn't so much an issue, it's the spiking that is a problem. Depending on the server it will be at 30 to 60ms if no one is streaming. As soon as someone in the house starts streaming, the ping will periodically spike (every 5secs or so) to above 200ms.

    Looking at the network monitor on the dumaos interface during streamin, im sitting at around 3-5mbps then will see a spike to 40-50mbps, which I believe coincides with the ping spikes.

    Internet connection is fibre 80up/20down and have had three BT engineer visits to check the line and speed and they have confirmed those speeds.

    I will check ping on dumaos when I get home tonight.

    Update: checked ping on Geo-Filter page on COD BO4 Blackout. One game was at 16-17ms and the other at 24ms when not streaming. On both occasions as soon as I start streaming i get ping spikes to about 150ms every 5 seconds or so.

  7. Hello,

    I've been experiencing some significant lag spikes when streaming from Netflix/Amazon/NowTV, etc. 

    Playing COD Blackops4 on PS4 and looking at the built in ping meter, my ping goes from 30ms to above 200ms which makes the game unplayable. 

    I've tried numerous settings on the DumaOS but no success. Currently have Anti-Buffer float as "Always" and bandwidth sliders set to 70%. Bandwith speeds are correct. Also tried, unchecking "share excess" and messing around with the download/upload distribution. 

    Looking at the built in network monitor graph, when streaming download speeds tend to go from 2-3Mbps then spike to above 40Mbps (at about the same rate as the lag I'm experiencing), so not sure if how QoS is stopping the streaming service from taking all bandwidth?. Traffic Prioritisation Informations shows zero download packets, only upload packets? 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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