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  1. noticed that my receive rate is very high. goes up to 800 or so can anyone help
  2. Every issue or problem I have had they have always helped and been really friendly. its a breath of fresh air dealing with good guys that know the product and are willing to help. 5* from me keep up the good work
  3. having problems with finding a games... factory reset and just added the pc but nothing ever loads. any ideas?
  4. its crap.pc gamers should not be allowed on consoles
  5. i forget to save and share these videos. this is only one example of how i get melted all the time. maybe i did miss some shots but i had 1 or 2 seconds advantage on him and he still managed to sponge my bullets then kills me. i sometimes have to change clip and shoot again before i get the kill... yet when i get shot it seems to take a fraction of a second and i fall.
  6. i have had some issues with Call of Duty over the years but nothing as bad as this. I can accept many things like, they have a better connection or they are just better players but check this video out... this happens to me almost every game. its like my upload seems to drop packets any ideas why this is happening?
  7. try resetting by pressing the pin hole while still on the pull the plug and re plug in the power. keep pressed until light goes out. try doing this in all ports put dhcp back on the pc and hopefully an ip will drop in. i use ping plotter network discovery so i know there is an active ip
  8. have you got a live wifi R1 signal? if so log in through wifi if not try static ip on pc of for the computer and for the router... hopefully that will allow a connection. have you also tried plugging the pc into different ports? hope you get it sorted, I've had similar problems in the past
  9. I have used both models for years now and after many different configurations and test i find that my R1 seems to perform better than my much more expensive Netgear XR500... Has anyone else come to the same conclusion? without doubt the XR500 out performs the R1 in many aspects especially wifi but over wire connections i feel that the R1 is achieving better bufferbloat and stable latency/ping. i tried everything on my XR500 to achieve A+ ratings on dslreports with no luck, if anything it seemed to make everything worse. Don't know if the R1 uses different queue management algorithms or if its a firmware issue. will be interesting to see how the R1 performs with the new 3.0 firmware. I think the Mikrotik routerboard that the R1 uses is a very good router and maybe Netgear routers are not quite as well suited for the same tasks... Or is it all placebo and perception? hope they bring out the R2
  10. i know some people use things like udp unicorn and other ddos software. but im not sure how that would work. i would have thought udp unicorn would only affect you unless you were the host
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