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  1. no QOS. Turned it off. only caused more lag. rest is just standard geo filter no ping assist. but like i said i have done loads of different things like 70% up and download, throttled the connection to very low speeds, tried auto set pings and bandwidth. with no joy. have you got similar tick rates? i don't understand why this is happening... i have always had 50/60 and 20/30 tick rates
  2. i have tried everything. im not new to netduma and ive tried every possible solution with no luck. i never knew this fact of having similar tick rate was an issue. i have always had this... hardly ever seen tick rate on similar rates. always seems to be half or less. ive used locations all over Europe trying force servers but i always get these results... I always seem to be behind the game and its the usual shoot first die first, occasionally its less severe but i never get 1:1 feel or god forbid ahead of the game lol. i have good internet with a ping result cmd to of 15ms with no packet loss. i would say my connection is about as good as it can be for gaming yet its not. I know some of this has to do with the games netcode and their servers. lag comp etc. but everyone has that problem.... should i lower my pc specs to be in sync with a 60 FTPS? I have a 165 HZ Monitor and my game settings are set to achieve best FPS... or Ive seen some guys throttle the connection to combat lag comp in older games but havent seen much lately... my ping plotter results
  3. every game is like this i get 30 host and 60 its never 60/60... nothing is blocked. i play pc MW warzone. its unplayable
  4. I'll be honest with you I'm now giving up with NETDUMA. loads of nice features but none seem to make any difference. I used it allot in BO4 for geo filtering but it only seems to make things worse in warzone. always getting insta melted... yet a £50 Edge router x with simple queue management SQM, i get a much better experience... why? you would think that a purpose built gaming router would blow this little router out of the water. spent years using netduma but it seems that my patience is running out. The Best Gaming Router cost only $50 - LazyAdmin between the R1 the XR500 And now the R2 i must have spent £600 on routers yet apart from a small period using geo filter i cant say its been achieving the headlines on the description... i would have hoped for tailored settings for specific games to achieve a better experience or at least give us a starting point to work from... i know ping is king but bandwidth is also very important for some games. i shouldn't be a guess or just stumble on good settings. anyway rant over
  5. What stats do everyone else have on their network monitor? i get 16-20 ms ping i get under 100ms send rate but my receive rate is always very high... anyone else have this problem?
  6. its frustrating considering my ping is really good and my send rate is also good.
  7. for a long time now i have noticed really high receive rates... but my ping and send rate are good... or rather steady. this rate goes all the way up to 1000+ when you start a gun battle. is there anything i can do. i get A+ on score with connection benchmark and dsl reports. i feel like this is whats causing the shoot first die first moments... my reaction time is harmed by receiving the pks that bit slower and even though my send rate is good i die in almost all close quarter fights????
  8. will i be able to get open NAT with a VPN? Trying i now but it gives me a moderate or strict NAT... any ideas
  9. there seem to be a need for it, in gaming... i have noticed a difference since using it. ping has gone up by 20ms but hit reg is more consistent
  10. can this vpn be used in the hybrid vpn area? ive tried everything to improve my experience with little luck...maybe vpn would work but the ones ive tried have been a no go... ie the ones advertised on hybrid vpn.
  11. yes and its 130 ping. really strange... done a reset will wait and see if this happens again... receive rate is also very high... 400ms but ping is low 20 ms...
  12. but why is a ping assist player from America on this? i just turned the game on and was keeping an eye on stats when i zoomed out and noticed this
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