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  1. you know that most of us are just keen... its just a shame that netgear did this last week. its caused allot of confusion / anger with people. then obviously you guys trying to build up antisipation caused us to think this was the day of beta... hope 3.0 is as good as it looks and sounds
  2. So why do some people have it? Been speaking to guys saying they have it and to just be patient and wait... This launch is just a massive confused mess. Keeping everyone in the dark is a bit crap especially the ones who have been loyal to this brand.
  3. yes. i have reset this router more times than i care to count. was looking forward to the connection tools so i could once and for all find a good setup
  4. no im using dretek vigor 130 modem then option 61 with xr500 username [email protected]|password i have it all setup with no problems of connectivity
  5. i wish mate. im on a 40-10 line and get 37 download 7or 8 upload... bufferbloat while using xr500 is terrible, jitter and terrible gameplay. i have copied SIM from youtube and all his tips and tricks and lots of others. only good thing was geo filter for BO4 so you didnt end up in the American servers...
  6. done that mate. ping plotter is my friend lol. if you gave dates this would not be a problem... 1st wave date second wave date.. and so on and send email to these people. being teased is not cool even from good looking girls
  7. i get what beta is. but i garentee that people who have talked about netduma like many of these youtubers will get it... this form has name and details so...
  8. im with sky. its the usual shoot first die first... tried everything to improve it. different locations in geo filter, different qos settings etc etc... nothing seems to work. stopped using my gaming router and ive been using an old bt hub 5 with openwrt firmware and all of a sudden my games feel better. not perfect but better. paid £24 for this bt hub i would expect my all singing all dancing XR500 to wipe the floor with it... so when these new features in 3.0 i though here's a chance to make things better... after all dslreports.com was not working well with the netduma so it was hard to set up and find the sweet spot.
  9. so all this wait only to wait some more... been using netduma since R1 days and now using the xr500 but i guess im not a streamer so ill not get picked. im knid off pissed off that my old BT HOME HUB 5 with openwrt is getting better results than my £300 XR500... was really hopefull that this would sort things out.
  10. been waiting all day for some idea of whats going on... nothing on any of the forums http://www.netgearinnovation.com/dumaos-beta/ https://forum.netduma.com/forum/10-news-announcements/ or social media etc... whats going on?
  11. no response...? this feature is supposed to stop connections out with a defined area... it does not matter how i try and do it i always connect to South England. now i'm using openwrt for my sqm-qos and i was only using duma for geo filtering, but it seems it cant even do that now. really disapointed
  12. are you sure it forces servers? does not look like it to me
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