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  1. can you also answer this?i have my tp link vr300 set to full cone NAT and ive put the xr500 into the DMZ of that router/modem should i also put the tp link into the DMZ on the xr500?
  2. I have never had good buffer bloat and gaming has always been an issue. I also feel like my port forwarding is not working as it should... I have set up the rules and then gone onto lots of port checker websites only to find that all the ports are closed. UPNP sometimes works but not all the time so I prefer to use manual inputs the only time I felt a change was when I used a tp-link vr300 modem/router and set the NAT to full cone NAT... This seems to have worked ok but I can't quite understand why I can't check to see that the device has an open port by visiting specific websites likehttps://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
  3. I've bought this https://www.draytek.co.uk/products/business/vigor-130 does anyone know if the modem has been affected by puma6 ?
  4. Hi, I've been suffering lag issues with my connection since the year dot... I've tried everything to combat this. from buying the xr500 and setting 70-70% buffer bloat to buying stand-alone modems. nothing seems to work. My gameplay is terrible I always come off second best in any battle, I have found that if I use an automatic weapon from distance i stand a much better chance of getting kills but when I go head to head or use a sniper rifle I might as well not bother... I then started looking into this and came across the puma 6 chipset that was causing ping spikes by testing my router and modem (Vodafone router, Netgear modem, Openreach modem and tp-link modem/router) these are the combos I have tried... I have also tested each one individually by using the DSL reports test http://www.dslreports.com/tools/puma6 this has shown that all of my hardware is failing and resulting in major spikes up to 700ms and mainly red and amber results. I can't tell if the xr500 has anything to do with this or that it's just a faulty chipset in all the modems and the xr500 is just reporting the result of what's coming through the modem. I have also used ping plotter to see if i could replicate some of the unstable latency/pings and its not conclusive partly because I'm only using the free version of ping plotter. I have also tried playing about with my NAT type by doing port forwarding, DMZ, UPNP and opening nat on my WAN menu. I have tried UPnP on and off, consoles in the DMZ and out but nothing seems to have been very successful. I get an open NAT but the gameplay is really bad. I recently bought a tp-link vr300 and noticed it had an option for a full cone NAT. I have enabled this and closed the NAT on the XR500 and also added port triggering on my tp-link to all the relevant ports for my game and it seems to be playing a lot better but this might just be a placebo. does anyone have suggestions on how to overcome the puma 6 chipset high ping problems or good UK modem that doesn't use it? don't want to buy another modem only to find it's going to give me the same problems and if you have had any experience with full-cone NATs and the best setup for gaming.
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  6. hopefully, someone can help. I bought an R1 and when I tried to upgrade the firmware to the new OS, unfortunately, something went wrong and it has bricked my router... I have tried doing 20/20/20 reset I have tried many versions of the pin reset but nothing seems to work. I can see lights on the box and it makes the sound but I can't access the GUI. I had a similar issue with the XR500 but I managed to TFTP into that and sent the new img file and that sorted it... unfortunately this doesn't seem to work on the R1 also the firmware file isn't an img. please can anyone help thank you
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