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  1. It doesn’t look like this like it’s from 3.0 look at the 56 I think 3.0 is 95 doesn’t look like this like it’s from 3.0 look at the 56 I think 3.0 is 95
  2. You got to calm down dude I know netduma and Netgear has been taking a while to update the firmware but still they're updating firmware's because the new Duma OS 3.0 has a big glitch right now once in awhile it gets error codes and stuff and whoever is going to buy the the new r2 Duma OS wait until they come out with the actual Duma OS firmware because that might still have the beta or if it's on pre-order I don't know I never got in r2 or r1 I just got the XR 500
  3. u need to go to the netdumas sign up page https://netduma.com/ look in here
  4. are there .bin files if there are can u guys send a bin update file to me plzz i have a xr450
  5. thats completely stupid even if its not my fault i hate it when u cant help me fix the control panel im so pissed right now
  6. i didn't do this on purpose someone else did this and anyway i had this router for a long time so i think they already made my warranty void like i said somebody else did this
  7. im having trouble i let someone use my wifi and they installed some custom firmware on it and ive tried multiple time reinstalling the duma OS firmware in it but no luck can u guys help me
  8. can anybody help me i let somebody use my router and looks like theirs custom firmware on it i need to restore it my router is netgear nighthawk xr450 uses the same updates as xr 500 please help and the router still works im glad
  9. Can you guys sign me up for OS insider I would love to be an insider I'm with insider with Windows and Xbox for around 4 years
  10. does anybody know when rocket league will be compatible i have the XR450 cuz rocket league isn't on the profiles for the ps4
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