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  1. You mind if i test out that beta version? Im really hoping there is a fix. I just dont get how it can work on my previous router but not xr500.
  2. Yes it wont connect to dhcp. Just says disconnected. I dont reboot alot. Just once in a while for cache clearing. I reboot my router by turning it off and then unplugging. Modem is just an ac power cord so i unplug that too. But like i said. It wont connect if i boot my modem completely first. I have to boot router and modem at same time. And then reboot the router again so it will connect. Because if i boot router up and modem at same time but dont reboot router again it wont connect. So once they bootup together i need to reboot xr500 once more and im connected. But wont connect by modem first then router or any other method. Ive tried many ways. Including resets. Like before i never had this issue on the r7000 so its weird. Does the r7000 have its own dhcp server like xr500? If not then maybe Thats what’s causing it. Not 100% sure
  3. I have the same issue. This all started when i switched from the r7000 to xr500. I used to boot my modem first then router but seems to do the same thing on xr500. Only way i can get it to work is boot router and modem at same time. Then reboot router one more time and im set. I gotta do that everytime i wanna use the xr500. I had my modem checked and was fine. I actually even replaced it and still does it. It never done this on my r7000 or previous routers... this is definitely some sort of bug
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