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  1. Trbed11

    Toronto ultra

    I love watching Toronto Ultra..Talented guys, humble and not up their own rear end like a lot of CDL players Also, as Im a Brit and 3 of the players are English so I like supporting them ... Never been to Canada I would love to go there one day My best friend of over 40 years used to live in Manitoba....and he laughs how we in Uk fail to cope and plan for the bad winters we get compared to how everything used to carry on when the bad weather hit there.
  2. Trbed11

    Toronto ultra

    I imagine all the CDL players have a customised online experience to the likes of us All the SBMM tweaking removed (they don't get added any extra increase in latency known to occur the better your KD: Source: XclusiveAce / Driftor YT They have an optimized server infrastructure compared to us normal plebs
  3. But lobbies are still searching for high ping servers . have to cancel at 80Ms and restart till i get a 40ms match
  4. COD Servers are very broken at the moment... Lot's of good players on Reddit are experiencing the same issues Whatever they did in the Season 3 Update has broke the game (again!) The better your internet connection the more lag compensation kicks in and then you have SBMM mixing in its secret sauce. Few weeks back this game was running so smooth and you did come across extrremely good players but you still had a chance of winning in gunfights but now there is a delay in the game (frame drops?) Basically, they are seeing you before you are shooting them and so what you are seeing on killcams is not always a real time representation of what happened. At the moment the game is a frustrating mess https://www.reddit.com/r/blackopscoldwar/comments/mz5xwd/why_am_i_getting_slaughtered_all_of_a_sudden/ https://www.reddit.com/r/blackopscoldwar/comments/n05zz6/is_it_just_me_or_has_the_game_been_wacky_since/ https://www.reddit.com/r/blackopscoldwar/comments/n05vk8/treyarch_fix_your_servers/
  5. I updated my reply to Fraser about a suggestions I had in Early April in an earlier post Just raised this for visibility Thanks
  6. HI Ping Heatmap is down again for Black Ops Cold War Any feedback on my suggestion in NetDuma doing some Proactive Support so you monitor for this going down and proactively restart services your end ? Seems a simple script your end could check for issues and then alert the team to resolve ahead of us shouting about it .. "It is something we can potentially do, will suggest it to the team" Thanks
  7. Can you not put something in place where you do checks for the servers missing ? Perform a cloud update before we all start shouting at you? Ie you know the problem before the Netduma Community does Proactive support will save you guys a lot of call traffic
  8. HI on my 2nd Netduma now and so far its working okay but I would really want to see the bugs that are constantly chipping away at its ease of use resolved once and for all. I am sure nobody more than the Support guys want to see this: Liam and Fraser who deal with the same issues day in, day out. Can we get a statement please if its outside the remit of yourselves then somebody from Management to clarify these things please: Is it the OS or the Netduma R2 Hardware which cause the same issues we see over and over in the forums - What's being done to get this fixed once and for all - Timescales? Issues we are seeing all the time in forums: Wifi Intermittent but Regular Disconnects, Freezing Router, Rapp Apps not loaded (constant weekly reboots), Sluggish OS, Boxes just failing and needing regular Factory Resets, Loss Of Internet Requires Reboot to resolve etc etc My old router (which is now a spare) was up for over 12 months and did not require regular weekly reboots to maintain the Broadband service. I feel for your support guys constantly in Firefighting mode they have the same issues every day to contend with and having been there in the trenches doing it myself in the end it just grinds people down and they get fed up and leave if they see no resolution in sight. Perhaps regular communication and having a Pinned Post of the Top 10 issues you have and tracking them showing the community the progression to getting resolved will stop a lot of peoples frustration. A Trello Board could work. I'm not telling you how to run your company but hope this is constructive and not seen as I know best because I don't but just adding some hopefully constructive ideas to help get these issues resolved for all of us so you we can continue to support Netduma and you can develop your great and unique product and elevate it to the next level. Liam and Frazer work their butts off but there is only so much shovelling of daily problems they can do... Focus needs to come from elsewhere within.
  9. T Thanks for this I give it a go every bit helps!!
  10. Hiya Frazer excuse me if I am being thick but how can you Ping them if there not available and online? Having a "live list" of current servers, even though, some are not available surely seems a bit redundant I'm not trying to get round SBMM but really as a friend helped me out, the experience on the low ping servers seems worse than when you hit a server with 30ms in EU. They were up until last week and I realise you might not have the answers but its just weird they have now vanished leaving reduced choice in EU if you want to move around (im UK) looking for a combination of Relatively low Ping and Good Performance to play BOPS CW. Thanks
  11. Veo lo que estás diciendo, pero te está poniendo en servidores NL porque el de España no está disponible, tiene que ponerte en alguna parte. Como dije, hay una falta de servidores de la UE hacia arriba: Italia está abajo y NL. Alemania y Francia están disponibles.
  12. Hola, los servidores en español no están disponibles en este momento. Han sido eliminados por Activision (Consolidación de servidores) o hay una falla en Netduma GeoFilter. Se han ido muchos servidores de la UE.
  13. Can we have the Ping Heatmap only show servers which are available and online ? Otherwise it feels like it defeats the objective and power of the OS GUI in showing us what Servers are available and its just misleading Especially now it seems that there has been some server consolidation by Activision as the Spain/ ITaly, and other EU servers are no longer available forcing people through UK or Germany at present...We now have less servers in Europe Would appreciate if you get time to give me some feedback on this. Thanks
  14. Hi I am interested in getting the new Hood: Outlaws & Legends game coming out in May 7th with early access for pre orders https://www.focus-home.com/en-us/games/hood-outlaws-legends Its a pvpve co-op experience set in a Medieval world Heist game for 2x 4 player teams Looks to be good Just seeing if anybody interested in playing when it launches. I will be getting this for the Playstation Message me if you are interested in playing --- im based in UK... So any EU players on the same timezone would be good. Thanks
  15. Thanks Fraser Further testing I have done today. Only servers I can use Geofilter on and will show as being active are Germany Or use UK and States It sems there is a lot of European Servers - Netherlands etc which are not even showing although Ping Heatmap shows them as available? This does not sound right is it? I hope Activision are not doing a Server Consolidation and turning some off due to the lack of players like they have done before
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