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  1. Finally happened. No longer a youngster, today I turned 30. Barcode has changed ;(

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    2. CleanSlate


      happy birthday i hope you have a good one. same age now it all goes down hell from there lol jk have a good un.

    3. ziocomposite


      Happy Bday and to many more years of Gaming Luk!

    4. lukasz


      Lads thank you for the B-Day wishes. I have to say though first time in my life I wasn't to happy about being year older

  2. I want to learn how to play Team Based game modes any good advice video etc. about the tactics etc?

    1. Urge


      Best advice i can think of is play with people you know, if you can. 1. it's just more fun with people you know. 2. you can't trust randoms to help or not try to team/kill, steal care packages, etc...

    2. bagsta69


      Like Jeff advises, just play with other people on your friends list. Or you could practice against bots to get a general feel for how they play

    3. lukasz


      Cool Chaps. Thanks. I will be mostly playing solo though.

  3. I am looking to get my girlfriend a PUG puppy for this Valentine cant find nothing legit on the net Please lest me know if you know where or who can help.

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    2. lukasz


      Once again duma army have come to save me. Thank you for that warning iI would never take a part in such thing. Now still dont know where to find legit places. I have just read an article in The Guardian than even pet shops that you can find all around are part of this terrible action.

    3. toby jugs

      toby jugs


    4. Macca61


      Lukasz we used to have a Pug so pm me for some guidance

  4. I wish you all good people a great new year better that the one that is just passing

  5. I hope you all have a Great Christmas both working and not working. I also hope you guys will all stumble across great connection games during the holidays

    1. Netduma Iain

      Netduma Iain

      Happy Xmas buddy!

    2. quickfaith


      Happy Christmas man! I'm just about coming out of my food coma #nosuchthingastoomuchmeat

  6. Just chilling......

  7. I cant open Notification on forum AM I the only one?

    1. Sir_smooch


      nope me too. i just get constant refresh!

    2. lukasz


      Its fixed now I think...

  8. check the LOGO thread its now ........

  9. WeLcOME to the First 700 Players IN FFA AW

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