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  1. Don't know if this sheds any light on the situation, but if I start streaming on mobile data, then turn wifi on, it continues to stream through wifi. Maybe it is an authentication issue that doesn't occur on wifi?
  2. I think I already have QoS off. When netflix is streaming, my wifi on mobile is awful. I basically turned everything off, although I think actually what made it better was one of the settings in wifi setup to do with smart handling of wifi data or something. Now netflix streams with no issue and wifi on mobile is quick. Still can't connect to IPTV though. It does work for some IPTV channels on a nother service, they seem to be mainly US channels.
  3. It's not an ISP IPTV, and they reckon that isn't the case. Can you forward an external port to a different internal port?
  4. I find I get connections to denied connections if I have previously connected to them at some point. To fix it I have to clear cache on console by hard resetting, then make sure their are no connections when I turn on the router, then put it in filtering. The only issues I ever have are when there must be some permissions stored in a cache somewhere.
  5. So I originally thought that my ISP was blocking my IPTV service, but when I take my ISPs router out of modem mode and connect to it I can use my IPTV service no problems. When I have it in modem mode and connected through the XR500 then it is completely blocked. IPTV uses port 2086, I've tried forwarding it but this doesn't seem to work. Any ideas how I might get this working through the xr500?
  6. Well that didn't do it. How would I go about adding these ports to exclusion on the VPN setting? TCP: 22, 33001UDP: 33001 - 33010 I can only see how to add one range of EITHER TCP or UDP.
  7. Turns out I only need 2086 to go through the VPN, so that will hopefully solve the problem.
  8. So it may be easier to allow the ports I need to run through the VPN and let everything else be excluded from the VPN. Whichever has the fewer ports, I guess it would achieve the same thing.
  9. I had to copy the certificate with <cs> and </cs> at either end, but I got there thanks.
  10. In the VPN setup, you can exclude services from the VPN. How would you go about excluding netflix from the VPN? Basically I want to use a VPN on all my devices, but that throws up the problem of being blocked by netflix. Can I just allow netflix to connect without going through the VPN. Or maybe it's best just to pass the service I want through the VPN and allow everything else to connect as normal. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.
  11. Do you just copy and paste the text out of the file or do you need to change anything?
  12. Cheers man, you guys do a cracking job looking after this place 🙌
  13. I started this thread as I didn't want what is a big problem to be buried inside someone elses thread. This isn't just a Destiny problem, and anyone looking for help needs a place to ask for it and see what's going on. Edit: to remove the cocky reply, I'm in a bad mood and shouldn't be taking it out here 🤣
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