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  1. Still didn't work smh
  2. OK will let you know if that doesnt work.
  3. This what you wanted?
  4. The ethernet isnt being read because the netduma isnt getting enough power or has malfunctioned. I'm not home but thats all their is to it.
  5. I did and nothing happened which I stated in my last messages.
  6. I've tried 3 and only one barely lights it up, Ill see if i have others. If that sounds like a power cord issue i'll gladly take another one, just to see. But if thats not the problem then i have to buy another one?
  7. The problem is the router doesnt beep nor any activity just a dull light in the WiFi area. No ethernet connection or WiFi signal.
  8. Hard to believe...when the router is sitting their doing nothing and the wireless just stops after a thunder and flash of lightning. Now it seems like its not getting enough power no matter where its plugged. I've tried with 3 different ones.
  9. No.....It doesnt even power on now sadly the power light in the back comes on buy the WiFi light and 1-5 won't even com up unless I use a specific power cord.
  10. Hello I had an lighting storm, no power went out but I heard a crack sound and now I have no WiFi coming from the netduma. It has power coming to it but jot giving off WiFi nor regular functionality. I bought it back in march of 2018.
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