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  1. Hello 6 months passed. I'm on .56 You told me there that there should have been (under the new release in a short time ) something to fix the dashboard issues. I checked today, nothing? My son want a router to manage his home... and I dont know what to tell him 😞 I had so many expectation from Duma OS... two years long waiting... and no light so far.
  2. I'm on insider, if you are interested. Just signed up. Didnt know if I'd already signed up at the beginning. update Just discovered an update was waiting... 2.3.02 installing done. nothing changed.
  3. no, because setting the WhattsApp parameter solved the issue. BUT, no way to check a "specific" usage for any device. No graph, no analysis 😕 Alain
  4. Port forwarding to allow access to the Solar Inverter is on my LAN from two year ago. No change on that. I will remove it... but "how can I test the WhattsApp connection" and that's the question I've begun the thread with. Alain
  5. Hmm... There is one port forwarding to allow access to the Solar Inverter. Alain
  6. a Pun --- Whatt'sAP un ??? 🙂 Correct, I'm pretty sure something is hindering WhattsApp in DUMA managed network. (I didn't had so many bad xp not even on Cell data while travelling in car !) But ... no idea at all about Whatt's hindering it. Alain
  7. Thanks Alex for your precious suggestions, I may try later. Short story: in case of low throughput network.... In WhattsApp -Settings -Data&Storage -down -"low Data" has to be "on" - That seems to have solved momentarily Video issues. - "low throughput network" that confirm: on my LAN something is wrong ('cause on the other networks the problem is really infrequent) How may I check What'sAppening ? No other device/App/program suffer, so far ! Alain
  8. May I optimize WhattsApp use of NET in DUMA? Reasons for asking? full story below 🙂 Ambience: I use WhattsApp on my V10 Honor phone for long videocall. My V10 connect to my LAN in WiFi. Really often some call suffer for "poor connection" "re-connect" stuck video, missing words in sounds.... .... a Bad Experience at least, while other calls start and end with fantastic sound and video experience without changing anything. LAN is mainly without traffic when I call via WhattsApp- say 0,1% or a little more - 81/21M ISP troughput. Assumption When I'm on Cell Network it happens very seldom to have Bad Experience. Cant remember a so long period of Bad Experience on R6400 but only after installing DUMA in June. TESTs During a Bad Experience if: - switching out from LAN (shutting down WiFi) = often I dont even lose connection and the call goes on better. - switching to ISP WiFi, = the calls goes better as well. - re-calling after closing the call = dont give a better experience, NEVER. Questions Something is damaging WhattsApp connection in my LAN ??? My LAN is managed by DUMA..... how DUMA can help me determine what'sApp-ening ? Is there some parameter I'm missing ? ( "WhattsApp" is not a registered game for use "filtering" - "Prioritization" Show SKYPE & games but no WhattsApp) Suppose I need some serious help here !!! Alain
  9. Problem determination continue on private chat. LAN settings are up to the book, now. I'll post any finding. Alain
  10. a) that's the ISP / Internet Service provider / At&T ( Whoever bring you the NET, on a public IP, is an ISP) b) I know / not a problem / dont invent / follow instruction / stay on safe side (basic noob rules) c) LAN NEVER USE PUBLIC IP (not knowing that, means means exposing LAN devices to Internet with no filter) Alain
  11. Hold on ----- what router is connected to NET (ISP) ????? Dont touch the MR110 right now. Answer before! (my assumption was - MR110 is the ISP - if so follow "per lettera" my instructions on XR500- dont touch the MR1100) Alain PS: cant read what is on the grey screen shots ( zoom = Ctrl + Mouse wheel . then pic again) Gosh ... dont touch MR1100 it's ISP on Follow "asis" my screenshots!!!! Use my EXACT configuration (it's LAN not Wan we are dealing with) Now I'm sure you have conflicting IP spaces _____ Please dont quote full message... that make a lot of real estate on screen !! 🙂
  12. Yes : NO DHCP on MR1100... ...I hope you know how to do it, otherwise ask. NOTE: for configuring XR500 you have to know what IP range MR1100 is working - mine is 192.168.1.x XR500 = Static IP y.y.y.3 - set gateway to y.y.y.1 (MR1100 IP address) Modify also DNS .... as suggested in pic! THENwhatever LAN IP you are using now, make the XR500 x.x.x.1 - I used and I'd suggest you that IP 'cause it's easier to write. As a rule: 127.x.x.x is LOCAL - 192.168.x.x - 10.x.x.x are LAN - All are these "Private IP" - (not transmitted over the NET) NOW- set DHCP range (in XR500) - x.x.x. 100-200. This is my config! I use static IP for most devices I want to know if on-line, or access directly from main PC - for that I saved 2-150 and 200-254 IP space (you may not have needs for Static IPs - so forget or ask more) Remember to save it on disk and ONLY AFTER remember to reboot the router. (so whatever happens you dont have to re-write it all) Hope it Help Alain
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