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  1. Thanks @Netduma Jack I was worried. ill google how to set up VPN to be safe I guess and thanks again for the explanation.
  2. I downloaded the free playstation game Titanfall 2 and noticed that whenever I went very positive let's say 29-3 or 26-4, it kept saying at the end of the match, no longer connected to host. If I was being DOS, how do I protect myself from being kicked in the future, regardless of game?
  3. Same dude. Everything he said and you did, I did, no luck. Maybe we got a Dud of a router? Idk. Hopefully he uploads a youtube video of "How To".
  4. Does tinkering with this help with anything in online gaming? Meaning, lag advantage, faster packet sending to the games servers and host? @DMC_81 you ever messed with this? It says the lower the number the faster packets go but the higher the number, the better traffic prioritizing. Universal Plug a) helps devices, such as Internet appliances and computers, access the network and connect to other devices as needed. UPnP devices can automatically discover the services from other registered UPnP devices on the network. Turn UPnP On UPnP can be enabled for automatic device configuration, or it can be disabled. The default setting for UPnP is enabled. If this feature is disabled, the router will not allow any device to automatically control the resources, such as port forwarding (mapping), of the router. Advertisement Period The advertisement period is how often the router advertises (broadcasts) its UPnP information. This value can range from 1 to 1440 minutes. The default period is 30 minutes. Shorter durations ensure that control points have current device status at the expense of additional network traffic. Longer durations might compromise the freshness of the device status but can significantly reduce network traffic. Advertisement Time to Live The time to live for the advertisement is measured in hops (steps) for each UPnP packet sent. A hop is the number of steps allowed to propagate for each UPnP advertisement before it disappears. The number of hops can range from 1 to 255. The default value for the advertisement time to live is 4 hops, which should be fine for most home networks. If you notice that some devices are not being updated or reached correctly, then it might be necessary to increase this value a little. UPnP Portmap Table The UPnP Portmap table displays the IP address of each UPnP device that is y accessing the router and which ports (internal and external) that device has opened. The UPnP Portmap table also displays what type of port is opened and if that port is still active for each IP address. To save, cancel or refresh
  5. Will do man. Hope you feel better. Get well soon brother. And I'll be waiting and check your channel out again. Thanks man.
  6. Yup! When it sleeps it happens all the time. I thought it was new error. And @DMC_81 it's so great to see you again you monster! Man I've been needing your help for the past weeks!! I uninstalled COD because I cant stabilize over 100hz. Lol I gave up
  7. Tried that many times. I did it with samsung 4k smart tv, another phone, iPad, my phone, nothing. It keeps spiking every second. Example: Apex legends host tick bounces 20-40-80-100+, client 40-120+ every second. Modern warfare same, host tickrate 60-120+, client tickrate 60-120+ every second. @DMC_81 @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser any tips perhaps or reignite my brain lol
  8. I swear I tried all these things and cant get stabalization of 100hz +. I'm not crazy lol
  9. 2) 3 Factory resets. So you reset, let it power up till all lights are white then reset again two more times?
  10. I uninstalled the game dude. Tired of COD polishing shit. I tried DumaOS settings, I cant stabilize over 100hz like the people have. Constant shoot 1st die 1st. Done with the game, thank god i got it for free.
  11. I tried everything on dumaOS and @DMC_81troubleshoot but Alas, its Activi$ions greed to not upgrade any netcode/server engineering/computer science teams. Remember they made approx $600m in 3 days. They could care less.
  12. How do you keep your hz over 100 though? And it looks like I might have to buy xr700 to have better stabilization.
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