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  1. Hey Alex, how are you doing? I need help on 2 things. I'll post pics. 1st pic is I dont know how to activate 5Gz wifi. 2nd pic is, I'm from Nj, USA. If I set my location to let say Brazil, what will it do? Will it not work due to my ISP and PS4 region? Thanks.
  2. I cant even turn on 5gz wifi, how do I do that?
  3. @Buckeye Purple I figured as much. I do see those prediction symbols and pisses me off and teleporting enemies. I know Respawn has shit servers and codes but you'd think months go by they would fix it.
  4. @Netduma Fraser what can I do? I'm still being matchmaked in Dallas servers and UK. And filter mode forces my game to not load. I actually tried a workaround. When im in the main screen with Wraith on screen, I leave it on spectate mode but when I load in the lobby, i switch to filter mode. But the success rate on finding a NY server is 10%-20%. BUT, when the match finishes, I have to go back to spectate mode, if not, then I get code Leaf 100% AND back to the "unable to connect to EA servers" thus starting the process all over.
  5. When I do that I get the, "connecting to servers 1 out of 9" endless loop then unable to connect to EA servers.
  6. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Alex @Netduma Jack sorry for the tags folks but, I'm guessing its Apex matchmaking service but my location is NY and the game has been forcing me as of lately in UK/Texas servers? Anyone else? I tried filtering mode, spectate and strict mode.
  7. @Mikzxr what are your duma settings that you can melt enemies?
  8. Thanks for the reply. And yeah ill play with those numbers and more. Do you have to turn off filter mode then switch to spectate mode as well to bypass the main menu as well? Then BACK to filter once finding a match?
  9. What's your bandwidth numbers though? Like mine on speedtest said 823 up/ 478 down but thought about changing it to 50/50 to mess with it. I believe you too, some enemies are hella lagging and melt you while you're connection struggles to keep up. Can you share your setting please?
  10. @Netduma Fraserthanks, I had to uninstall drivers and let the new drivers install new ones.
  11. Ok thanks. I understand your busy, easily to get mixed up. Thanks for the help.
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