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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for your help. I just send the email
  2. Is there any way to reinstall the legacy firmware with the usb port ?
  3. Hello, did you find anything to get my netduma back ? Regards, Maxime
  4. Thanks Fraser. Let me know if you find something, cause I'm lost without my R1 :3
  5. Hi Frazer, I put all the capture and in text format the ouput of the console. Tell me if you have trouble with it. In addition to my previous informations, I noticed that if the reset changed effectively the password and the LAN IP, it didn't activate the wifi. I didn't noticed it before because I don't use it. By using http://dumaos I have a slightly different output as I don't have the circle but only a little text saying "R1 GAMING ROUTER DUMA DASHBOARD" that I added to the capture of the console. Thanks for your help. Regards, Maxime 2019_06_12_dumaos_max0684.zip
  6. Hi Alex, as you can see in the creation of the post, I already try these things. Does it have a serial connection in order to try acces on it ? Regards, Maxime
  7. Hi Jack, I reseted the router (IP changed to LAN but got the same bug. I think my R1 is broken Regards, Maxime
  8. I made a mistake in the title, i didn't mean "log" but "load" Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. Hello, Since a month now, I can't log properly the UI of my netduma router with DumaOS. When I put the ip address, the browser ask me the login and the password. Then the circle turn without ending like before. I will attach an image to the post. I tryed with all browser, from pc and tablets too, with private mode, history reset, etc. I tried to reboot the router with no effects. I unplugged the router and waited for 15min with no effects. The only things I didn't do is reset the router, because I didn't save my config Anyway, if this is the only chance to get my router back I will do it but if any other solution is provided I would be glad to hear it The other functionality seems to work properly because I got the sensation that the QOS limitation working Thanks for your help. Regards, Maxime
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