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  1. There never was a SG server for WW2. Only BO4 and MW have SG servers.
  2. Which service would that be? For example dslreports is never accurate where I live, speedtest.net is probably the only one that is reliable
  3. Buy a managed switch, put it between your XR500 and Xbox and limit it on that.
  4. This. Option could be to build someting in the form of a Edgerouter. Just basic router with DumaOS software, no wifi. Then you simply pick the wifi acces point of your liking. New wifi standard? Buy a different wifi acces point.
  5. You don't have strict mode on so it can connect anywhere it wants. Also not sure what game this is, CoD? You can connect through local play unless it's for boosting obviously. It will also never work because xbox1 will still see the location of xbox 2 at your real home and vice versa. For this to work you need to do it around your home location.
  6. This but I also think it depends on your ISP. If your ISP issues private IP's (carrier grade NAT) then you might have NAT-2 on the PS4 even if you connect it straight to internet. NAT type 2 is nothing to worry about in any case.
  7. What hosts are you using for this test? It won't be accurate if your host is on the other end of the world. Running it off a router is one thing but you need to have a decent host as well
  8. To be honest I don't believe in all this settings stuff. I set mine to ABB 80% and set up QoS and that's it. This morning I used my regular ISP router for an hour or so and it doesn't play any different over my XR500. The problem here in Asia is that the nearest server is Singapore 33ms, but if SBMM decides to ruin your day it will put you on Japan (107ms) or Sydney (150+ms) and that ruins your game. In EU or cross USA ping is much tighter so it's less of an issue. But to illustrate how annoying it is here, this morning for testing I played the Hardhat playlist and backed out of 8 different games on the Japan server before I finally got Singapore server. The game can screw with you in too many ways for any setting to be effective IMHO. This all worked when you had player hosts etc but now with dedicated servers and active latency balancing etc it's a toss up. I can play on the same server as always and still tell within one minute when the game decides to give me a disadvantage or advantage.
  9. There is just one functionality that sets this router apart from the rest and that is the Geofilter. These have been screwed up for the last week since update on MW. IMHO this needs to be sorted a lot faster than is happening now, my XR500 has been a expensive paperweight for the last week. All this other stuff that will supposedly be in DumaOS 3.0 doesn't matter when the geofilter doesn't function.
  10. The ping thing is just mislocated servers. That's why you get better ping on peer then on a dedi. All geofilter does is block connections to servers outside your radius. It doesn't influence ping to the physical server. But if it's mislocated in the cloud your are connecting to the wrong server.
  11. Singapore servers are mislocated. The 60ms server you connect to is in fact probably the SG server, but it's showing in Japan. It's not your router's issue but a Netduma cloud issue.
  12. I checked the K/D's of your enemies in that game (0,7-1,0) so really I doubt it has anything to do with settings. Probably more lucky with the matchmaking.
  13. Titan 2 and CM have roughly the same functionality. It's actually really simple, the aim assist script just makes your character strafe side to side very quickly.
  14. Bert

    87 - 16 MW Gameplay

    You should actually considder using 9mm extended mags on Shipment
  15. It is actually. 100% it's the aim assist mod for CM. Which actually does nothing in reality. At least I always move a bit anyway.
  16. In my lobbies there is no players below level 100, 50% of my lobbies have players with Damascus camo, dropshotting jumping bla bla bla. And here is the YT content creators playing against enemies that don't shoot back, are level 11 and play like total morons. These are the same content creators that are PAID by activision to attend their events etc. Makes you think. (give you a hint, mutual interests....)
  17. The easiest way to solve this if you don't have a separate router is pick up a cheap managed switch from any brand. It just needs to support VLAN tagging. Connect LAN cable from your ISP modem or ONT to port 1. Connect XR500 WAN to port two. Create VLAN ID2 group in the switch Set port 1 to tagged (adds the VLAN tag to outgoing traffic) Set port 2 to untagged (strips the VLAN tag from traffig going to the router) Set port 2 PVID to 2 (adds tag to traffic coming into the switch) Set all other ports to excluded In your XR500, set connection to PPPoE, enter PPPoE details, set connection to always on and that will work. No need to add anything to the VLAN menu. It's possible to do this even with a bigger switch if you use that in your household. In that case you would leave all other ports set to VLAN 1. Also you can run a second LAN cable from the XR500 LAN ports to the switch, that gives you access to management and you can use the other ports on the switch for your regular network as per above. If you have a second router around then obviously better to use that for PPPoE and VLAN details as per above.
  18. Could be packet splitting with so many players. Netduma would count double the packets. I have seen 25-30Hz like others.
  19. I think it's mislocated. I had the same, turned off geofilter and then got into it, but it showed a peer in the USA. That was warzone though not sure about MP.
  20. Host tickrate is the amount of updates the server sends you and client tickrates is what you send to the server.
  21. This guy is onto something. I remember having read that on Vodafone, IPTV, internet etc have different VLAN groups. So in that case you would need to use the XR500's bridge mode with the right VLAN ID.
  22. Yeah but I live in Asia where PC seems to be more prominent over PS4, especially since WZ is F2P If I que up with crossplay on, then 90% of the lobby will be PC players.
  23. The game tries to push it very hard. If I search for a lobby without crossplay, it will give you a warning. If you ignore that, it will go searching for a minute. Then it pops another warning, if I ignore that as well it will find a lobby after a few minutes. Most of the time the lobby isn't full though, 80-90 people.
  24. If you encounter stuff like that it's almost guaranteed a PC player. You can see a trend in Warzone. The first few days after release you could not find a lobby with crossplay disabled but more and more people are turning it off already.
  25. That clip is from a PC player. They have all sorts of hacks. CronusMax is a console device. You can use scripts to execute button commands but it can't lagswitch. And you can't lagswitch against a dedicated server. All it will do is freeze your game but the other players can shoot you.
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