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  1. Hello Alex i Downgraded the firmware and then i upgrade to the newest but nothing happens All is the same before and ping assist do not work
  2. Ok i send you a Screenshot of Ping Assist do Not working. And I Download Pingplotter and After this i give you a Feedback.
  3. no i dont alow and deny every server im pretty sure that the geofilter on my router do not works well so this router is for gaming and for good ping. when i use the ping assist as a pure ping filter it does not work. i doesnt matter i set my radius very small that means my ping would be better but my ping is not better all is the same the connection is not good my isp is stable i got 250 mbit download and 40 upload ping 5-8ms
  4. The Ping Diagramm Show me the Ping is good sometimes 20,25, or sometimes 49 Something like this but the Problem is that my Connection is Not smoth it looks like the Geofilter Do Not Work I Test the Ping Assist using it as a pure Ping Filter and in 1 Day it works well and i See how nice the Ping Assist is when it works well But now my Connection is Not smoth i think i have a Bug or something like this i do now 1 game and i send you a Screenshot After this game
  5. My Connection is Not good it is always Bad I mean my games are Not fast or smoth 1 Day i try to Test Ping Assist and then The Ping Assist work Pretty well but and my shoots connecting very well but now it is always Bad connection using the Geofilter or Ping Assist. That is the Problem.
  6. Alex can you help me i think i have a bug or something like this i got everygame bad connection an when i choose the ping assist it do not work ?
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