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  1. Do you know why this happen ? I hate it when it kicks me out in the middle of the game
  2. Hello Alex the Router kicks me out of the game in the middle of the game. I have done a Factory reset after the new Firmware which is Firmwareversion V2.3.2.56 The last news after kicking me out of the game i send you now. [DumaOS] R-App store cloud sync failed, Tuesday, August 20, 2019 00:35:49 [DumaOS] HTTP download failed with code '404', Tuesday, August 20, 2019 00:35:49 My Geofilter Sttings while this happen
  3. Das vigor 165 hat nur 2 LAN/wan Anschlüsse 1X DSL Anschluss. Kabel für den DSL Anschluss sind folgende dabei 1x Rj 45 Auf Tae / 1x Rj 45 auf Rj 45 1x Wan Kabel ist ebenfalls enthalten um Modem und Router zu verbinden. Der Xr 500 Hat nur 1x Wan und 4x Gigabit LAN.
  4. Hello Netduma Team I See you bring a new Update for the xr 500. Nice good Job i will tested soon. I read Something about the Milestone 1.4 coming soon ? Is that right ?
  5. Good morning have a tip it may be helpful to you. I think the ping assist doesn't work for some people because if you shrink the red circle as low as it goes and then puts it in the middle that the software doesn't accept the whole thing I had times since I did exactly the way you should do it and it had worked after that but it never worked again so there would have to be a problem with accepting my input in the geofilter.
  6. The next time the router throws me out, I look at my monitor and look for something that's blocked After This i give you new Information about This. What i can say is that i have no Persons on the Whitelist and no Persons on the Blacklist.
  7. And I have not yet tested if anything on the Geofilter map is blocked while I'm out of the game
  8. Yes it is with Spectating Mode also. I Test it with Spectating Mode.
  9. I play only Halo 5 and only pure Ping Filter. I've done more tests and exhibited with all geofilter settings strict mode off auto ping off no added devices all off i mean And then it still happens the router throws me out of play in the middle of the game and everyone stays in the game except me.
  10. Is there actually any router settings that I can make that are suitable for the router does not throw me in the middle of a game out of the game? Yesterday this happened exactly once. and the day before yesterday the router ran all day without kicking me out. So all my colleagues on Xbox live stay in the game and it just throws me off by itself. Are there any router settings that can prevent this, or is the current software at fault here?
  11. The router reboots about 1 time a day and throws me out about 2 times a day in the middle of a game out of the game. With my old router I have never had problems like this. The Xr 500 offers me so far no advantages because with me the Ping Assist also does not work and who knows if any other functions of the router will not work. Hope that soon a new update appears otherwise I am unfortunately forced to send back the router because I'm getting on my nerves for the price the man for the router pays in my case 290 euros which is really very expensive if man times is honest and that At this price so many problems occur is also very annoying I hope that I can count on a new update soon.
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