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  1. Unfortunately there's not much you can do to reduce that ping. The only thing you could try is to set your location to the middle of the ocean, make your radius tiny, and then use ping assist to choose your desired minimum ping. If you can't get a server, you'll have to keep increasing the ping assist until you get one. Maybe set it around 80ms. The only other thing you could try is using QoS to reduce any traffic within your local network. This would guarantee you get the best connection possible. Unfortunately the best connection possible might actually be quite slow if the servers are far away.
  2. You can get all of the latest firmware here: https://forum.netduma.com/forum/106-latest-firmwares/
  3. Oops. I guess they're wise to the whole VPN thing. I don't see what the problem is personally if you're still paying for their subscription but what do I know, i'm not a lawyer.
  4. Updates planned, nothing announced. Make sure you're running the latest here: https://forum.netduma.com/forum/106-latest-firmwares/
  5. Hey sorry for the delay, it was a bank holiday yesterday so I wasn't here! -- On the first screenshot, I opened the game to ping the servers, and I chose a server in Brazil. I then pressed ALLOW, and closed the game. Then I put my radius in the middle of the ocean and turned off ping assist so that everything would be blocked. Now when I start the game, wait a minute, and then press ESC twice, allowing me to see the data centers, I can see that the only server that was pinged was the server in Brazil. Therefore ALLOW is working. -- On the second screenshot, I closed the game, I changed the Brazil server from ALLOW to DENY, and I expanded the radius to cover the entire map. Now when I start the game, wait a minute, and then press ESC twice, allowing me to see the data centers, I can see that the only server that was blocked was the server in Brazil. Therefore, DENY is working -- Hope this makes sense!
  6. Sorry it was a UK bank holiday yesterday, so nobody was in. I'll check and see if any progress has been made.
  7. Just to let you know, we're not abandoning our existing routers. We're working hard every day on updates, I can see the team across from me doing so right now! I agree it's been a while since we've released any updates but believe me it's coming. I'm not allowed to say what exactly will be in the updates or when they're coming, which I appreciate must be really annoying, but I know for a fact they're coming!
  8. Yes absolutely. But if you did that, it would make me wonder why you don't just put the other router into bridge mode? Is it a combined router and modem?
  9. Hmm, interesting. I think that the first picture shows you connecting to an authentication server. DumaOS will always allow authentication servers regardless of what rules you set. We're looking into changing the way that authentication servers are displayed, because it can be pretty confusing, and can make it look like the geo-filter isn't working. Apex Legends right now appears to have a lot of mislocated servers. For now I might recommend using Ping Assist with Apex Legends.
  10. Hey, So as i'm sure you understand, "Do not VPN these services" means that everything NOT specified will go through the VPN. If an application isn't listed under ADD SERVICE, you can go to the Advanced tab and add some ports manually. For example, I googled "ports for fortnite" and this came up (check screenshot) So you'd press ADD SERVICE on the device with fortnite, you'd press Advanced, and you'd enter the ports as listed below. You might need to press ADD SERVICE multiple times to cover all of the ports!
  11. Oh wow I didn't realise that it would be such a big project.
  12. Well that's not strictly true, you can use anti-bufferbloat and ping filter. It's just the geo-filter that seems to not be working.
  13. Hm, strange... Maybe it's busy the whole time? Unlikely I know.
  14. Ah okay, well that's fair enough but bear in mind that by connecting devices directly to the Hub, you're bypassing Netduma's QoS and essentially rendering it pointless. The Geo-Filter will still work fine though Could you try a different browser and tell me if the problem still occurs?
  15. Honestly I don't actually know how DSLreports judges your QoS. I might need to ask one of the developers. The QoS will work but only for devices connected to the Netduma. For example, let's say you have your Xbox connected to the Netduma playing a game, and also your laptop connected to the Netduma, streaming a movie. The Netduma will limit the bandwidth that the laptop can use for the movie, meaning there is still room for your game. Now let's say you had the exact same setup except that the laptop was connected to the other router instead of the Netduma. Now the laptop will be free to use as much bandwidth as it can to stream that movie, and your Netduma router won't be able to stop it. This means that your game on Xbox might start lagging because the movie is using up all of the bandwidth. This video that we made a while ago actually explains it really well:
  16. Either it was a coincidence... Or there's some setting that's different between you and your friend. I need to explore what options are available on the PS4 version and see if there's anything at all that your friend could have changed that you didn't.
  17. Well the results seem largely similar. This may be because the NetDuma router cannot control traffic from devices which are upstream from it. For example, anything connected to the other router (not Netduma) cannot be controlled by the Netduma. This makes the QoS settings kind of pointless. The ideal setup would be to swap the routers so that you have the Netduma where the connection comes into the house, and the other router used to extend the network. This might not be possible though depending on your ISP. The advantage of a setup like that is that the Netduma would control everything on the network and improve the ping stability for everybody.
  18. Why did you tag OpenWRT? Very impressive game by the way.
  19. Hey, I just did the tests again to make sure, and they worked. I thought i'd provide some screenshots just to confirm what i'm saying. The first one shows Allow working, and the second one shows Deny working.
  20. Hi Alix, How is the Netduma connected to the other router?
  21. Could you ask your friend if they have a USA PlayStation Network account? Do they have a USA copy of the game? Anything unusual about their network setup? I'm trying to narrow down potential reasons that it works for him.
  22. We have tested on an R1 in the office and we found that the allow and deny functionality was working exactly as expected. Could you please provide a screenshot or video recording of what happens on the netduma interface as you connect to apex legends?
  23. In the most recent screenshots, I notice that ping assist has allowed a server from america because it's got a very good ping... Obviously this is a case of the server being mislocated in our database. In case you didn't know, the dotted line around a server or player represents that they were allowed through the geo-filter because they meet your ping assist requirements. The little server icon that appears in the UK is probably an authentication server. We are considering changing the way that authentication servers are displayed to make this clearer. In your previous video, we can see that the game initially connects to a high ping server while in the menu, maybe an authentication server, but for the game itself connects to a pretty decent server. Apex Legends is strange because no matter where you set your location in game, the servers it chooses seem kind of random. It might be a bug, or it might be that there are no servers near you that aren't full at the time. Since the location functionality seems a bit iffy at the moment, my recommendation would be to keep ping assist turned on and just use that, since it seems to be getting you some reasonable servers. And in that second screenshot, with the very clearly mislocated server, that's something that you could post in the mislocated servers form.
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