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  1. Hmm... Could you go to Settings > Monitoring > Connection Status and press to renew the lease Do this at a time you'd be happy for the lease to be changed, like... late at night or when you're at work... this might be tricky But I think that will change the time that the disconnection happens to something more convenient This is a bit of a shot in the dark but it worked before for somebody on the NETGEAR forums so let's give it a go
  2. Well I suppose if all of the devices on the extender are categorised as "not gaming devices" that makes it workable.
  3. Oh that's not ideal. Have you tried different browsers? Or Incognito Mode in your current browser? How about different devices?
  4. Using PPPoE on the router seems to slow it down for some reason. Is there a disadvantage to you having the TP-Link router installed permanently? If you can't put the PPPoE settings on your modem that is.
  5. Make sure you've followed the steps in this guide to make sure you get the best speeds: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-maxmimum-bandwidth-speeds
  6. Well this sounds like something wrong with the new modem... Have you tried setting PPPoE on the modem instead of on the router? Does the modem have a bridge mode? I'd ignore the log personally because it's usually just full of red herrings. Lots of the language used (like DDoS and kill) make minor errors sound like a massive deal...
  7. I asked some of my colleagues and they suggested enabling the Guest Network on your XR500 and connecting the Hue Bridge to that. I don't know why that would work but hey it's worth a go right?
  8. That's weird, but I don't know if DumaOS can stop American players from connecting to European servers.
  9. Find the IP of the Eero on the device manager page, make a note of it. Go to Settings > WAN Setup, enable DMZ server and put in that IP address you made a note of, Press Apply
  10. Well there's no right answer to that. I can tell you my personal view on it though. I like to connect everything important via Ethernet and just use 2.4GHz for everything wireless. I would never do anything like gaming over wireless so having the slightly slower speeds doesn't bother me. The increased reach of 2.4GHz is worth it for me. Of course you could just turn off Smart Connect and decide on a per-device basis.
  11. Your email address isn't on the list, could you try signing up again here? https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
  12. Spectating Mode is essentially an off switch so that's why it didn't work in Spectating Mode. It's possible that the UK servers are always full and that's why it tries to send you to France. It's also possible that you actually have a better ping to France than you do to the UK servers. You can check that on this site: https://www.cloudping.info/ I've tried this myself and it does look like it's sending me to the Paris server even though the London one has better ping. For some reason the game just keeps trying over and over to connect to the Paris servers, and it won't try to find other servers when it can't connect to Paris. I tried various settings and couldn't get onto the London server. The Geo-Filter works by fooling games into thinking a server is down, and making them find another one. Fortnite however refuses to try other servers once it's decided that Paris is the way to go. Unless there is a way to stop the game from doing this, there's nothing DumaOS can do.
  13. Well I would say you've got a lot of browser extensions that could be interfering but since you're using multiple browsers and experiencing the same issues, I guess it rules that out. Have you tried a factory reset using the button on the back? Did this occur after a software update or just randomly?
  14. DDOS is mentioned in the logs a lot and is actually a symptom of bad wording that something which is definitely a problem... That said, if you want to rule out the DNS problem you could set manual DNS servers in Settings > Internet Setup. For example, try and (Google's public DNS servers)
  15. Have you set the correct speed on the XR500? In the side menu of the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders you can set the maximum speed of your connection. Maybe copy across what you've got on the XR300?
  16. This should be fine, as long as you set the DMZ address to 192.168.2.x when you actually want to use it, it shouldn't be a problem.
  17. Are you using the default router IP address? What Gateway IP is listed on your devices? Perhaps you changed the default IP on the old version and the upgrade put it back to normal?
  18. So you're trying to set custom servers on the PS4? Why not do it via the router? You can use DNS override to send a DNS server to all devices connected to the router. Which DNS server are you trying to use by the way?
  19. I'm not 100% sure of what you're asking, I'm afraid there's a language barrier. However, it seems that the Geo-Filter is working as expected. It's giving you matches within your ping range. If other people in the game seem to be delayed, it could be because the connection of the opponents with the server is worse than yours. Maybe try the quick search disabled? This could improve things.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. We're not going to be making DumaOS open source. As a software company, our software is our most important asset, and while it would be nice to make it all available for free to everybody, and it certainly would make troubleshooting easier, the reality is that we need to make money in order to continue development. That's the business model right now. I understand your concerns regarding the "cookie cutter support". I've only been in this position about a month now, so i'm having to learn pretty fast. When the company was smaller with fewer users, it may have been practical to send every single issue straight to the developers, but right now that's just not practical, so we have to prioritise. We make a note of every issue that's reported, and we start fixing the most widespread issues first. This does take time though, so often the only thing that can be offered are cookie cutter responses. One of the things i'm currently working on is making our Knowledge Base much more extensive. I'd like to enable most people to be able to get the help they need without having to contact us. We also have a bit of a problem right now where diagnosing whether the problem is a NETGEAR firmware problem or a DumaOS problem is tricky. We are working hard on improving this situation though. From our point of view, there are many variables in people's network setup, and a lot of those variables are unique and separate from our software. For example, I can hardly be expected to know the exact method of setting up every modem in existence to produce an open NAT. However, I am learning, and if somebody comes in with a problem I've seen before and solved, that second time around it will be much quicker. Common ISP routers and modems are easy enough but if somebody has a really unusual modem, it can be hard to dig up any information online. Now regarding the Geo-Filter. The current system we have for reporting and relocating servers seems to me (personally, not as a company) quite slow and cumbersome. We are aware of this though and we have some ideas which I think will make it better for everybody. However I can't talk about upcoming features because i'll get in trouble. Just be aware that we know the current system has issues. I will say though that the Geo-Filter is still a unique offering, and since we're pioneers in this space it's understandable that there'll need to be experimentation and adjustment. Regarding reaching out to game devs, I like this idea. However I wonder if devs would rather just put a server selector in their game rather than relying on an external solution? Like, if there's no way to choose your server in the game, I can only guess that was an intentional decision by the devs. Seen in that light, DumaOS might seem adversarial to them, despite the fact that we're fully on the side of the players, always. One thing we're working on is being able to tell the difference between various types of traffic coming from consoles, but it's a much harder problem than you might imagine. There are plans to evolve DumaOS into more of a platform. The reason our features are called R-Apps is because the eventual plan is to have a Storefront and ability for R-Apps to be created by the community. As with any new features though, we can't put a time frame on it. Because we work with NETGEAR, any promises we make could be considered a breach of NDA, so we have to keep real quiet. I'm trying to get through to you though that we're working hard on new features all the time. I can see the devs across from me working all the time. Anyway thanks a lot for your feedback, it was constructive. We're always improving and I can't wait to show you how we're going to address these concerns.
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