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  1. That's strange, perhaps the desktop app is doing some advanced stuff that won't work with OpenVPN? It could also possibly be to do with the DNS leak. This could be bypassed by temporarily setting your DNS server manually to whatever ExpressVPN uses.

  2. Well yeah I was wondering if there was a problem with the storage on the router, but if there was a problem with that I assume no firmware at all would be retained.

    Maybe it's a situation where we need to completely reinstall everything. The only way I can think of to do that would be to downgrade back to the initial firmware and then upgrade to the most recent firmware again. Not sure if that's worth doing here.

  3. Welcome to the forums!

    Sounds like you might need to put some ports into the Traffic Prioritization advanced tab to get league working properly. This can usually be done by just looking up "<game name> port forwarding" on Google, and just use the same ports you would for port forwarding.

    Your idea of having share excess or bandwidth allocation only activated when high priority traffic is detected is a pretty good one so i'll forward that to the developers.

  4. The R1 is quite dated now in terms of hardware so it's possible that the 80mb is a hardware limit. Your speeds might improve with DumaOS although in my experience DumaOS is actually more taxing on the hardware than the original firmware. Nevertheless, it may be worth a try. You can always downgrade again.

    I'll forward this to Joseph so that he can fix your firmware for upgrades.

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