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  1. Thanks for the feedback. We're not going to be making DumaOS open source. As a software company, our software is our most important asset, and while it would be nice to make it all available for free to everybody, and it certainly would make troubleshooting easier, the reality is that we need to make money in order to continue development. That's the business model right now. I understand your concerns regarding the "cookie cutter support". I've only been in this position about a month now, so i'm having to learn pretty fast. When the company was smaller with fewer users, it may have been practical to send every single issue straight to the developers, but right now that's just not practical, so we have to prioritise. We make a note of every issue that's reported, and we start fixing the most widespread issues first. This does take time though, so often the only thing that can be offered are cookie cutter responses. One of the things i'm currently working on is making our Knowledge Base much more extensive. I'd like to enable most people to be able to get the help they need without having to contact us. We also have a bit of a problem right now where diagnosing whether the problem is a NETGEAR firmware problem or a DumaOS problem is tricky. We are working hard on improving this situation though. From our point of view, there are many variables in people's network setup, and a lot of those variables are unique and separate from our software. For example, I can hardly be expected to know the exact method of setting up every modem in existence to produce an open NAT. However, I am learning, and if somebody comes in with a problem I've seen before and solved, that second time around it will be much quicker. Common ISP routers and modems are easy enough but if somebody has a really unusual modem, it can be hard to dig up any information online. Now regarding the Geo-Filter. The current system we have for reporting and relocating servers seems to me (personally, not as a company) quite slow and cumbersome. We are aware of this though and we have some ideas which I think will make it better for everybody. However I can't talk about upcoming features because i'll get in trouble. Just be aware that we know the current system has issues. I will say though that the Geo-Filter is still a unique offering, and since we're pioneers in this space it's understandable that there'll need to be experimentation and adjustment. Regarding reaching out to game devs, I like this idea. However I wonder if devs would rather just put a server selector in their game rather than relying on an external solution? Like, if there's no way to choose your server in the game, I can only guess that was an intentional decision by the devs. Seen in that light, DumaOS might seem adversarial to them, despite the fact that we're fully on the side of the players, always. One thing we're working on is being able to tell the difference between various types of traffic coming from consoles, but it's a much harder problem than you might imagine. There are plans to evolve DumaOS into more of a platform. The reason our features are called R-Apps is because the eventual plan is to have a Storefront and ability for R-Apps to be created by the community. As with any new features though, we can't put a time frame on it. Because we work with NETGEAR, any promises we make could be considered a breach of NDA, so we have to keep real quiet. I'm trying to get through to you though that we're working hard on new features all the time. I can see the devs across from me working all the time. Anyway thanks a lot for your feedback, it was constructive. We're always improving and I can't wait to show you how we're going to address these concerns.
  2. Welcome to the Duma Army! Here's the settings i'd recommend. Go to - username: admin - password: password Go to Device Manager, find your PC. If you're not sure which one it is, use the MAC address and IP address to figure it out, then give it a unique name. Make sure device type is set to Computer. Go to Geo-Filter, press Add Device, choose your computer from the list (unique name you just gave it), then choose Destiny (PC) Now at press Filtering Mode under your computer Open the side panel and UNTICK Strict Mode, Destiny is incompatible with Strict Mode Set Ping Assist to a ping you're happy with. Set it at the highest you'd be happy playing against. UNTICK Fast Search Now set your home location on the map, and set a range around you of around 2000km. Increase or decrease as you like. Now try the game, and see how you get on.
  3. Oh man it's so satisfying to see those PingPlotter results. Mmm hmm that's one stable ping, nice.
  4. Well the router's hardware can only do so much at once, and on the R1 these speeds aren't overly surprising. I do wonder though if the app is doing some stuff that a generic OpenVPN client can't.
  5. As @Newfie suggested, download a Wifi Analyzer app and see which channels are busy. It might be that the channel you're using is particularly congested.
  6. I'd recommend setting reserved IP addresses for your consoles first under Settings > Setup > LAN Setup. Then port forwarding is where i'd start. It's fairly easy to set up under Settings > Advanced Settings > Port Forwarding.
  7. As Jack said, things are definitely being worked on. I find it very frustrating that I can't tell you lot about what's coming up, but i'm not allowed. When you work alongside a big company like NETGEAR, you need to be careful not to make promises you can't keep, and not to say when things are happening unless they're absolutely set in stone. From the customer's point of view I can see why this is frustrating because it does seem from the outside like nothing's been happening, but that really couldn't be further from the truth. Rest assured your suggestions/complaints/bugs/banter are not being ignored. As Jack says, actions will in the end speak louder than words, and there's definitely going to be some action.
  8. Yes prioritising gaming ports would help your gaming, or at least make sure that other devices in the house don't interfere.
  9. Hi Gaz, The Network Monitor only shows WAN traffic, internal traffic isn't recorded. This is because most people use the Network Monitor to keep an eye on their ISP bandwidth and data usage. Local transfers obviously are only limited by the Gigabit ethernet ports, the cables, and the quality of the hardware in the house. So yes, this is expected behaviour. All the best, Alex
  10. Sounds like it might be the Vigor causing the problem? Maybe the BT Hub does some extra authentication stuff that the Vigor doesn't?
  11. So you've connected the Xbox using a Static IP? This probably won't be necessary, so i'd recommend putting it back on automatic. ...but if you would like to have a static ip anyway, make sure it follows this pattern: 192.168.88.X where X is whatever number you want between 1 and 250. Then go to your R1, Network Settings > LAN window > DHCP, and tick the Reserve box next to the Xbox, make sure the IP matches what you put into the console, and press save.
  12. It might be possible to use the R1 as the primary router by setting a static IP, maybe copying it from the other router. As you say, the XR500 and the R1 are only routers. I don't think that the R1 has any VLAN options.
  13. As I understand it, to get the ONT working you might need to look on the Netduma at Network Settings > WAN > Network. There you can set a Static IP. If you were to copy the settings from the Technicolor into the Netduma's Static menu, you might be able to bypass the Technicolor entirely. Just an idea.
  14. Have you tried any different browsers or devices? Also have you tried incognito mode in your current browser?
  15. I don't know what "mrs cracking the shits" means but okay i'll look into the BlackICE protection
  16. Wow thanks for the info. Have a good weekend! LONG WEEKEND 2: OBLIGATION TO PARTY
  17. You should turn both 2.4 and 5GHz off. WLAN basically means WiFi, so you should turn that off. Put the ISP router into bridge mode if you can. If not, put your XR500 into the DMZ of your ISP router. To do this, go to the System Information section of the XR500, write down the WAN IP, and put this WAN IP into the DMZ settings on your ISP router.
  18. Yes well it's not ideal if you fiddle with the Geo-Filter often like many users do. I myself just tend to leave it on a setting that I think is reasonable for all games but if I ever play an incompatible game then of course I have to go in and change it (looking at you Destiny 😒), and if I had to reset every time I think i'd get pretty annoyed. EDIT: I should clarify that Destiny IS compatible, you just have to disable strict mode.
  19. Prioritizing many ports would not be negative for the gaming experience on the PC, but it could be bad for other home devices, things like streaming video and torrents on the PC will cause a bad experience for other appliances in the house.
  20. So does the modem not have a bridge mode? I'm wondering if this has something to do with double-NAT but I doubt that would mess up your speeds this badly. Maybe we're already past this point but just check you've followed the steps in this guide: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-maxmimum-bandwidth-speeds I'm also beginning to wonder if the age of your device might be involved here. You say you've had duma for years so maybe it's just failing hardware. If that's the case we'll have to see what can be done... I mean that speed decrease is pretty crazy.
  21. Well i'm glad it's working now that you've reset it. I wonder how often this occurs? I think I might be starting to see a pattern appearing. That makes me wonder if yours is actually a different issue. Especially since yours is recovered by resetting, and @Salty waffle's isn't...
  22. The ability to separate download traffic from gaming traffic on consoles is something that's on the roadmap for sure.
  23. Oh, well since the sliders are at 100% I don't think it even matters, but let's say "never" just in case. They said never say never but I just did
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