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  1. Hm could you try installing the previous firmware version from here? https://kb.netgear.com/000060464/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-40
  2. I was reading a few threads about this online, they suggested some rather unlikely scenarios like a crossed copper wire connecting you to a neighbor or something, however I think there's simpler explanations that we should look at first. Theory 1: It only happens on WiFi, so you are accidentally connecting to a neighbor's unsecured wireless connection without knowing it Theory 2: You have some malware on your computer which is displaying a fake Sky page to fool you into giving personal data
  3. Yes unfortunately restoring your settings can also restore whatever was causing the problem. A better backup system is on the roadmap.
  4. @shrooma @verydispleased Your fix is done, you're ready to upgrade to DumaOS! @Grimm @Victor I was unable to connect to your routers. Please make sure you have followed the instructions at the start of this thread. We can DM if you need help!
  5. As @Bert says, this shows that you have a great connection to Google. The thing about Ping is that you always have to have somewhere remote to connect to in order to measure the connection. Ping can't exist as an concrete value for every connection you make, but you can notice trends. The fact that you have such a good connection to Google suggests that you have no internal problems with the wiring in your house, so the problem might be the distance to the CoD server, or perhaps the port forwarding on your end.
  6. Obviously it depends on what you want for your network, but here's my advice: There are bandwidth heavy applications like video, and there are applications which require fast responses like gaming. In order to make sure that your gaming applications always get an instant response, you should prioritize them, because a streaming application will adjust it's quality if it needs to in order to fit within its bandwidth limitations. Basically, give priority to the consoles every time.
  7. Regarding IPs, I’m most interested in the subnet, so the third number. If it’s x.x.1.x then we’ll know that the router is assigning IPs. Anything else would suggest the modem is assigning instead. You’re correct that the network needs to go into the LAN port of your son's Nighthawk. If his Nighthawk is doing stuff, I’d suggest changing your XR500s IP so that the subnet is different and it won’t collide with your son's Nighthawk. Change your XR500’s IP to and see what happens. By the way I chose 33 at random but choose whatever you like as long as it’s not 0 or 1...
  8. Communication with our customers is certainly something we'd like to improve but right now we're grinding hard to get the next update ready. Please hold on a little longer.
  9. If you're signed up to our newsletter you won't miss it: https://netduma.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=87a7aef5725cff4be341f1b26&id=5341b993d5 Also if you're on the R1 Beta list, you'll be emailed the update: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
  10. Maybe, but let's rule out other options first. What firmware version are you on? Have you tried a factory reset?
  11. What IP address are your devices being given by the XR500? Is the interface accessible? Have you tried a factory reset?
  12. Very strange. Do you think it could be due to other devices on your network using data in little bursts?
  13. Unfortunately the reality is that we have to focus on the games that more of our customers are playing. We tend to focus on big blockbuster multiplayer releases, and games that are requested often. Some games will work with Geo-Filter without much configuration on our end, some games are tested and found incompatible, some games will work but only when certain settings on our end are changed.
  14. In my experience, turning Anti-Bufferbloat to around 70% can reduce jitter by setting a cap on the low side of the fluctuation.
  15. Hmm well this is an interesting one. It does seem like enabling WAN access in the original firmware may have allowed it in DumaOS. Perhaps it's a toggle that's just hidden in DumaOS. I'd have to ask the developers because this is something i've not come across before. In fact, i'll ask them! Please hold...
  16. I'd recommend using Geo-Filter on its own to begin with, potentially using Ping Assist to ensure a high quality game.
  17. So just to be clear, why did you do the first factory reset if the port forwarding was working correctly?
  18. Yes a macro! Although based on what @Bert said above, maybe it's not such a great idea to be throttling the connection so hard.
  19. Welcome to the forums! Your first idea is an interesting one, but I don't think it would work in practice. I'll copy in what I said in another thread about this: The idea to colour code players by how good their connection is, that's a good one, and I think we might be able to do it. I'll forward it to the developers to see what they think. Thanks for the feedback! We always appreciate ideas from users.
  20. It's a good idea, but the problem is that the servers shown on the map are ones that have already been pinged. You can't go in after the fact and choose a server, because the game has already established the connection. Essentially we have to know wether to block or allow a server before the game attempts to connect to it. Your solution would require us to have control over the game as well as the router.
  21. Welcome to the forums! Yes i'll get it done. And yes, once the bug is patched you should upgrade to the most recent "original firmware" and after that, you could upgrade to DumaOS if you wanted.
  22. If you mean the Upload slider on the Anti-Bufferbloat menu, then no, you need to turn anti-bufferbloat on for that to take effect. If you mean the upload throttle from bandwidth allocation, then yes that will work.
  23. No not yet but soon. I'll let you know.
  24. Well I imagine it would work as normal, but if it doesn't, there is an option called "remote support" which maybe you should enable. I think it's in WAN settings.
  25. Well I imagine by "interface" it means the interface that it's connected to on the TP-Link, which would actually be LAN on this occasion.
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