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  1. I have no clue I’ve done and to my knowledge I’ve done nothing different as far as how I setup my R2. But starting last night I was being hit with some crazy lag. So I rebooted everything and when I tried to play again, it was the same. So I did a reboot on my modem and factory reset on my R2 router. Well now I cant even join a lobby, I just keep getting the same message/topic title) over and over.
  2. So i was just looking over the Rapp store and I came across the Ready to Update section under My Rapp's, well it says I have two that are ready to update, Geo Filter and Ping Heat Map. I have updated to the newest firmware 3.0.179, so how do I update individual Rapp's or is this even possible?
  3. yes I see servers, its just that particular one in GA doesnt always show up for me.
  4. I know that I am a little late to this party but I have been scrolling through the topics trying to get all of the info I can on Modern Warfare's servers. Its been a confusing subject to say the least. I couldn't help notice that Online Gamer is in Florida and said that the server in Georgia works the best, Well I am in South Carolina and very much agree about the server in Georgia but I cant always connect to and right its not even showing up for, I have flush the cloud, rebooted and also done a factory reset on my R2. So jus wondering if anyone else was experiencing this and is there an explanation ?
  5. That's exactly what the tech at Spectrum said. Well ok, I appreciate everything, The R2 is a special machine and everyone at Netduma has done an amazing job.
  6. everything seems to be back up and running, my speeds are good and so is my ping its 35-40, but i was hitting like 15-20 before all of this, and id like to get back to that if possible. any ideas on how i might be able to get back to that?
  7. Ive had 3 techs out here in the past 4 days and this last one that was here today found a few issues related to some of the lines which he replaced and did some cleaning up of the lines, had me feeling real positive that everything was going to be all good, but in the end still having issues with me ping, and my internet has basically just been real intermittent. So im actually on the phone with now with another tech and he says one his end that im showing weak signal so hes got me on hold trying to get a supervisor. This all just started about ago and before that i was golden, running consistantly 10-25ms ping and my speeds were on point as well. just very lost
  8. I apologize for taking so long to respond, Ive actually been having some issues with my internet and my provider will be coming out this week to fix, so this may very well be whats been causing my problem. But with Heatmap i do hit the Add to list button every time.
  9. It seems to be working now, the heatmap rapp is loading but my manual lists are not when i try to manually ping them.
  10. yes I manually made a list and added servers, and as far as loading goes its the entire Ping Heatmap Rapp, it will say Rapp couldnt load try again in a few minutes or something to that effect.
  11. The only way I can get my Ping Heatmap to work is by rebooting my R2. So everyday for the last week or so now, I would go in and try to check my heatmap but it would not load until I would reboot my router. After reboot I noticed that none of my custom lists that I had set the previous day would ping the servers that I had saved. But when I would ping the actual game list those servers would then show up. Ive been repeating this process for the past 3 days now and same results every time.
  12. Ok so here is the deal, my friend who I linked up with while playing some COD back in 2011 has some of the worst internet due to where he lives. It has become very frustrating for him and almost to the point of being done with online gaming all together. He has said that he would like to invest in a gaming router but being that he is married with three little girls, I do not see him being able to do that anytime soon. So, being the good friend that I am, I would like to surprise him by gifting him his very own gaming router. I myself purchased a XR-500 6-7months ago and Ive been fairly pleased. I think my lack of knowledge is keeping me from being totally satisfied, but i am learning more as I go. So my friends internet is DSL and his problem really is when the family is all on there devices connected to the wifi. So if anyone would be so kind to recommend a gaming router that would help boost my friends internet so he can enjoy gaming again. Id like to stay in the $150-$200 price range if possible.
  13. Hey , thanks for that bit of info.. So if I only keep my PC and PS4 directly wired to my XR-500, then a gaming switch is not going to benefit me at all? I still have 2 unused Ethernet ports if I decide to add another device.
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