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    Newfie got a reaction from TheJam in Frequent Internet Disconnects   
    The modem is invisible, I use the HG612 and it’s not seen online so very little issues there. 
    With BT you can turn the modem off for 30mins which will issue a new address, that might be worth a try but as long as you have no hidden surprises on your own devices it should be fine. My NG router would constantly show probes all day long. 
    When it disconnects is the modem still showing a connection? Perhaps it’s worth turning off the modem for 30mins but also check all cables are ok so cable from modem to wall inlet and cable from modem to router, unplug and plug back in. It could be the old modem as they are pushing on in age but the lights on the front will show an issue hopefully on the modems.
    Unfortunately most home routers don’t store the logs when a drop in power or reboot occurs which is a pain. I can see the internet drop but it’s like it’s a fault with something else rather than the router as it’s just a drop.
    Might be worth checking it’s not a line fault too just incase. Normally NG routers are pretty stable on BT. You can log into BT and raise a fault too. 
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Frequent Internet Disconnects   
    Good advice above, the disconnect could just be a symptom of the issue that NG are looking into and not necessarily indicative of a problem on your end.
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    Newfie reacted to TheJam in Frequent Internet Disconnects   
    Cheers @Newfie, I guess my main concern is I used to get daily internet disconnects, sometimes multiple times a day. After @Netduma Fraser suggested to turn NAT to 'Secured' rather than Open, the disconnects stopped. Now there's been another disconnect, I'm a bit worried that it could be a security issue. I know these "attacks" show regularly in the logs and aren't necessarily an issue, however, with the disconnects, it seems there might be something else going on.
    Unfortunately, the OpenReach modem we have is locked off so I can't see the logs at the modem which is a bit frustrating. Having limited visibility of the network does make it really difficult to debug. Maybe this is a sign I should get back to studying for my CompTia Network+ cert 😬
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    Newfie got a reaction from KindaBusted in cannot sign in to netdumaos/   
    Here’s a little video to help you through the setup.
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    Newfie got a reaction from TheJam in Frequent Internet Disconnects   
    Looks like the routers doing it’s job. NG routers always show logs full of scans so nothing to worry. You can look up addresses to see what they are for more info.
    Issues arise when you have something nasty on your network for example Kodi and a third party add on but I not sure without their Armor if it would show and the threat detection is not really built into NG routers.
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    Newfie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Destiny 2 Geofilter stops working   
    Just a couple of posts up is a Moderators post yet it seems to have been missed.
    Perhaps it’s best you take this elsewhere but feel free to ask for support if you have issues using Duma.
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    Newfie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Apprentice   
    Hi and welcome.
    Any questions just post away. Hope you are enjoying your new router.
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    Newfie reacted to BIG__DOG in Destiny 2 Geofilter stops working   
    We as a Forum and Netduma do not support or condone circumventing game developers matchmaking, filtering procedures or otherwise attempting to play the game a way not intended by the developer. This forum is to support the hardware and firmware of Netduma and it's partner Netgear. Please look in alternative forums or newsgroups if you wish to cheat.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Liam in Gamers or scammers?   
    I get where you're coming from @Killhippie, the reason a lot of these posts were left up originally is because Geo-filter wasn't working for Destiny at all so we were trying to resolve this, but we also did our best to make it clear that we are staunchly anti-cheat and were not trying to resolve the Geo-filter issues to allow players to get back into ghost lobbies. This was never an advertised feature of Geo-filter and we want to make it clear that we're not trying to bring back the ability for people to cheat. We're still not totally sure that Geo-filter is working for all users, hence why some posts are still left be while we troubleshoot this with genuine users.
    We're doing our best to ensure anyone discussing/promoting a service whereby the will make monetary gain is then either banned or has their PM ability revoked to try and prevent this, so we do appreciate any reports you make on the forum bringing this sort of behaviour to our attention. We want to strike a balance between keeping the forum a place for gamers while also keeping it as open and free of too much sensorship.
    Thanks for raising your concerns, it's always greatly appreciated.
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    Newfie reacted to swippur in XR1000 WiFi Issues   
    Ok guys thanks a lot for the help. So I went ahead and changed 5GHz speed to 2400mbps and turned on MU MIMO. And so far I’ve had 30 minutes of uptime. It usually goes out within 5 minutes. I will let you guys know something tomorrow.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Liam in XR1000 WiFi Issues   
    Great answer and explanation @Newfie
    I think it's still worth testing with the next mode down on 5G, we have seen some bizarre issues in the past where 2.4GHz devices can affect 5GHz devices and vice versa.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Liam in Firmware Roadmap Teasing   
    Thanks for the suggestion @KindaBusted!
    I like the idea for sure, we do like to occasionally give teasers for things that we think our users will be excited about. The trouble is a lot of time we are working on backend things or internal tools that aren't really visible to the user. That being said, we do have a couple of tools that we're really proud of and are thinking about showing off to you guys probably through a YouTube video. We're also considering doing some more behind the scenes stuff on the YouTube channel so keep an eye out there!
    The team here is growing rapidly and there's some really big things in the works, we just don't want to tease anything we can't deliver on yet as we've been stung in the past for that.
    I'll speak with the team about this idea, I really like the idea of keeping you guys up-to-date with what's happening at Duma HQ and what you might be able to expect for the future.
    P.S. Themes are happening, I don't have a screenshot to share unfortunately but from what I've seen you're going to like it 👀
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    Newfie reacted to KindaBusted in Firmware Roadmap Teasing   
    It would be cool for y'all to tease what your plans are for 2021 when it comes to firmware improvements & features.
    I'd love to see a monthly blog outlining what's been going on behind the scenes.
    I'm sure y'all have a rough idea of what you'd like to accomplish this year. Teasing some of your plans will give us something to look forward to.
    You could tease something that everybody keeps asking me about.
    Do you guys have any made up already? Are you willing to share a screenshot? Is it something that's on the road map for this year?
    Everyone is constantly asking about the next firmware. Teasing things that'll show up in the next firmware should calm and excite everyone at the same time.
    When someone asks about the next firmware you could direct them toward the blog outlining what cool new stuff will be there for them to mess with.
    * Sorry no ETA on when the firmware will arrive but here are some things to look forward to when it's ready *
    That sounds so much better than "sorry no ETA" by itself.
    Kinda Busted
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    Newfie got a reaction from Netduma Liam in I am having connection issues with my Netduma r2 and this has been going on for months now. I have followed every step in the book and it still doesn’t work.   
    If you are unable to wire up directly to the R2 try this if the password is incorrect.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Ghost lobby destiny 2 is possible?   
    No, that's the opposite of what he is saying. You can filter servers like other games, not match solo / get free wins
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    Newfie reacted to lenere118 in Setting up router with Virgin Suber Hub   
    @Netduma Fraser @BIG__DOG thank you very much. So currently in modem mode and working. Just had to skip the initial set up. I will leave it how it is and it’s resolved the double NAT
    Thanks again 
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    Newfie reacted to BIG__DOG in Setting up router with Virgin Suber Hub   
    Will consider this thread resolved and closed.
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    Newfie got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Ghost lobby destiny 2 is possible?   
    No ghosts can’t be done any more as that was never it’s intention.
    the link above helps you to use the geo filter and it’s functions.
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    Newfie reacted to BIG__DOG in Setting up router with Virgin Suber Hub   
    ok, then try the same method I suggested and once the vm hub is fully up and running (solid purple light) press and hold the pin reset button for atleast 10 - 15 seconds on the r2and wait 2 mins and then access the r2 gui.
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    Newfie got a reaction from GBDJG in Let's figure this out.   
    I’m going to be quite blunt, but did you not read my response to you on the other thread with the link to the moderators post.
    Surely you read it? If you look in the chat box you will also see a warning posted too.
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    Newfie reacted to Mustafa in order problem   
    admin thank you very much, I really did the order creation, I tried it through opera and it was done. Thank you very much for your help. I'm a member of the netduma family now
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    Newfie reacted to Mustafa in order problem   
    Thanks again to everyone
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    Newfie got a reaction from nikos in Destiny 2 ghost lobby   
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    Newfie got a reaction from ghorman in Destiny 2 ghost lobby   
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    Newfie got a reaction from N3CR0 in Just got banned from COD Cold War   
    It’s not the geo filter, if so everyone would be getting banned and clearly its not happening. All you do is pick a server that offers the best connection. 

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