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    Newfie reacted to Bert in My Wifi Speeds Are Slow   
    You should always do ethernet if possible.
    One thing I noted in synthetic benchmarking on the XR500 and XR700 is that latency is somewhat ok, but still much higher than over ethernet. However when I run 2 datastreams simultanously, ie Iperf testing on my Iphone from LAN and a speedtest on my Ipad latency actually increases a lot. Ie LAN to speedtest server 8ms, WIFI to speedtest server 12-15ms, and with simultanous datastreams 25ms.
    So really you should use wired connections where possible and use the wifi for things like smart phones etc. If you must game over wifi, best would be having a dedicated AP for your gaming device. 
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in R2 or xr500   
    If you're only potential reason for upgrading is due to the PS5 and you don't play via WiFi then there is no need at all. Both should be able to hit close to 1000Mbps but gaming uses less than 1Mbps!
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    Newfie got a reaction from Bert in My Wifi Speeds Are Slow   
    The best I’ve achieved was around 380 but that was a good day. A rule of thumb is around 40 to 60% of the rate for a wave 1 router. A wave 2 router will achieve a better throughput as it can achieve a higher QAM which is dynamic so distance plays a part. This comes under modulation and coding so the higher QAM the more bits can be sent in one go. 
    Once you start adding clients and if you have a high number the throughput is reduced on a busy network. You often see routers say max number of clients ie 25, 50, 125 and so on but at max client limit it’s at a snail rate. 
    It’s not uncommon to see isp gear as wave 2 hence why you see higher throughputs and can handle more clients. 

    Saying that the XR300 is wave 1 but that uses official drivers so will see an increase in throughput but NG can afford licences and can produce routers in bulk probably cheaper than Netduma but the R2 while it might not have the same hardware still offers great performance for its price range. 
    Worth mentioning that while WiFi testing is great and you often hear range is a limiting factor it’s not only the router that talks but the device must be able to talk back too so while at range errors occur and that can slow down performance through retransmission and hogging the airtime.
    Home routers tend to blast out the signal more than enterprise routers as they are not meant to handle huge amounts of clients in a busy network where as enterprise gear tends to rely on extra AP placements to handle client numbers and to maintain a desired throughput.

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    Newfie reacted to Fuzy in UEFA 2021   
    France being eliminated, I am wholeheartedly with the English team ! 😅
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    Newfie reacted to Bert in Lag Switcher protection.   
    Lag switching is only posible in games that use p2p hosting. And the one doing the lagswitching needs to be the host.
    The host just disconnects their internet for a small timeframe.
    There is nothing you can do against that as in reversing the lag or anything from your end.
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    Newfie reacted to Warrior in Any new firmware updates on xr1000???   
    this all i see on the xr1000 for wifi settings 
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Liam in Xr1000 throttling speeds   
    Welcome to the forum!
    Are other devices also experiencing slow speeds? Could you check on another device that's connected to the XR via ethernet?
    If you run a Connection Benchmark from DumaOS, could you please post a screenshot of the results?
    How did you disable QoS? I'd suggest disabling it from the three-line menu in Congestion Control, then retest speeds on the PS5.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Netduma r2 OS = XR1000 OS?   
    The software is comparable to the R2, it's not exactly the same as it's different architecture but it's the closest to the R2 version out of the beta versions available for other routers currently.
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    Newfie reacted to BIG__DOG in Netduma r2 OS = XR1000 OS?   
    The XR1000 has better hardware but you wont notice a night n day difference in performance.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Customs fees?   
    I'm not part of the logistics team, that's why I recommended emailing us so the team can give a proper answer.
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    Newfie reacted to john102 in Error Message after AP Mode setup   
    Oh okay, thanks for the information. I just put it back to router mode so I can access the DumaOS features again. 
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    Newfie got a reaction from kgrm in I officially turned my R2 OFF   
    To be fair regarding point 5, monitoring devices and the info they handle is a struggle on most routers that offer this. Might be fine if you are using an enterprise router with or without licences but many are not 100% accurate and most home routers if powered off or suffer a power loss will lose that info. 
    I don’t trust my Unifi as it clearly does not accurately record all the information even with all its detailed structure. 
    it’s handy to see issues or what type of data is being accessed but it should be as a rough guide and once it gets detailed it’s going to start to use more memory and again there are limits for home routers. 

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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in I officially turned my R2 OFF   
    To answer your points:
    Give me the IPs of those specific servers and I'll get them moved for the next update How many icons are shown on the Geo-Filter Map when that happens? Setting the antennae like _ | | _ can improve the range, also ensure no wireless/electrical devices are in close proximity as that can interfere with the signal What do you mean it crashes exactly, do you get an error? Data History is a massive feature, I'm glad you're looking forward to it but it's not something we can rush out. Especially as some people have data caps on their internet, if we calculate this incorrectly people could be charged heavily by their ISP if they believe they're still within their limit. That's not the reason you're not able to download it from the Google Store on Android, it was due to an error that the Google Store flagged it and took it down. As of today it is back up and you can download it again. The marketing guys do the videos and giveaways, we can have them coding but that would slow everything down and cause more issues - the devs only work on development and do so every day, the company itself is able to multi-task. 
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Bufferbloat Test   
    Wouldn't worry about it then, sounds like the R2 is doing a great job!
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Geofilter Clutter   
    That was me saying the text might not fit but I'm not a UI guy! Would be interested to see what people think. I think we've got a more elegant solution that we're toying with but can't say anything about that at the moment!
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    Newfie reacted to KindaBusted in Geofilter Clutter   
    Was talking with Jack (UX) on Twitter about color coding the geofilter for multiple consoles.
    He explained that made things look a little worse. Recently I thought of adding and Off option to each device.
    IE:  Off / Spectating / Filtering
    He mentioned there may not be enough room for all the words.
    I think people would understand a three-way switch?! 
    Maybe use symbols and add them to the legend?
    There's a solution in there somewhere.
    I'd love to know everybody's thoughts.
    I'll make a video sometime soon. Someone out there may have a great solution. I realize if all four devices need to be filtered then the geofilter will still be cluttery.🤔
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    Newfie reacted to VanillaNeko in Wifi function problem   
    Perfect, I hadn't even thought of that.
    I'm looking for more complication and look only in the DumaOS board. 🤣
    Thanks again!
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Wifi function problem   
    If it's enabled in Settings but has been disabled then it means the WiFi button on the top of the router has been pressed to disable it. If you don't recall pressing it or no one in your home has done and if you have a pet it's possible they've sat on the button! If you press the button while it's not working then it should be enabled again.
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    Newfie reacted to KindaBusted in Just got banned from COD Cold War   
    I've been running NetDuma routers sense they first released. 
    Never had any trouble with any games including COD.
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    Newfie got a reaction from Jaquio in Any way to force 2.4Ghz Connection   
    If you mean you have say a TV box on 2.4 and you can remotely stream to it via a phone and that’s connected on the 5Ghz then yes, devices can see each other as it’s on the same network and not isolated. 
    what many do is IoT are placed on the 2.4 and 5Ghz handles devices that need the extra throughput. Distance though comes into play depending on the environment. 
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    Newfie reacted to GBDJG in quick question please.   
    Ok so ive worked out why it felt so much better it was the small amount  of upload from the qos on the modem.
    So ive set up as normal QoS and TP/CC and enabled UPLOAD share exsess and now my connection feels magical NO JOKE.
    Thank you for this reply as it put me on this path to fix it 😍
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    Newfie got a reaction from GBDJG in quick question please.   
    In Bridge mode the firewall is inactive so can be left as default. There is a QoS setting which is on by default and turning that off gives a a little bit more upload.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Best XR1000 settings for PS5 Cold War? Please Help   
    The ping you recorded on the router (19-40) where are you seeing that exactly, on the Geo-Filter ping panel, in game ping, a general ping test? Also are you having any issues with games or more worried that you're potentially missing out on lower pings/better games?
    We can't do that kind of support as it would simply take too much time - I used to do something like this in the past and it can take hours and that takes away from our ability to help multiple people in a timely manner.
    I think it's important to manage expectations, there are no perfect settings that will give you the best gameplay in 100% of the games that you play, there are always outside variables we can't control. Also every single connection is different, what works for one person may not work for another. 
    Settings in the Settings pages largely will not have any affect on your game quality, the two features to focus on are definitely QoS and the Geo-Filter. 
    Your bandwidth speeds are very high, this does reduce the need for QoS - lag/congestion occurs when all your bandwidth is being used, as yours is high this is less likely and therefore lag caused by local congestion may not be as much of an issue for you. However, I would recommend you experiment with the Congestion Control percentages using Always and see what feels right for you. The Ping Under Load results we're still improving on so you can take them with a pinch of salt at the moment. Does Traffic Prioritization show it prioritizing when you're playing?
    For the Geo-Filter use Ping Heatmap and identify where the lowest ping servers are located and use that to inform your Geo-Filter settings - some people also prefer forcing servers slightly further away so that's something to consider as well.
    Ultimately the Optimal Settings Guides Liam linked are our general recommendations based on what we think works for a wide audience but there is a lot of customisation and testing that you can do to really find what works best for your specific connection.
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    Newfie reacted to Netduma Fraser in Any way to force 2.4Ghz Connection   
    Yes that's correct Yes they should be able to see each other Correct, you would have to manually switch between 2.4/5GHz. However, as IOT devices don't necessarily need a lot of bandwidth you can keep them on 2.4GHz.
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    Newfie reacted to Jaquio in Any way to force 2.4Ghz Connection   
    Hi Newfie,
    Sorry for not being clearer originally.
    Yes I have several AppleTvs, light plugs, HomePods and a Sonos Roam. My thought based on Liam’s post was: 
    1) if I turn off SmartConnect I assume I will no longer see a single SSID, but then see something like [SSID NAME] 2.4 GHz and [SSID NAME] 5 GHz or something of the like
    2) If the above is true, and if I keep the same SSID name and password, will all of my devices still be able to see each other if say my AppleTVs and other PCs are on 5Ghz, for bandwidth reasons and if my smart plugs, HomePods and Sonos Were signed into the 2.4Ghz section?
    3) Also, I assume I will lose any sort of “smart switching” that the router would try to implement if I went this route where it automatically down steps my devices from the 5GHz antenna to the 2.4GHz antenna. 

    I hope that helps and I welcome any feedback or clarification. Thanks!
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