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  1. Are you connecting via Wi-fi or cellular? just double check under hue settings that out of home control is set on. If it’s off turn it on then try again. Double check it’s running the latest update too.
  2. Is this what you are after? https://kb.netgear.com/000060127/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-32
  3. Thank you again for your help. I’ll give it a whirl when it arrives and give it a week or two to see how it goes.
  4. Great I just got an unlocked 612 for £20. Can’t go wrong with that so at least I have a back up now. Mines not unlocked, it’s as it was when the chap installed my infinity. I take it there will be no extra performance but I can look at stats if I wish too?
  5. Thanks, I was reading up on that over on the BT forums yesterday but I’m trying to find out what my cabinet is as I know the number but not what type. mines not unlocked but I was wondering if age has an impact on performance due to the components fitted?
  6. I’ve a rather old BT modem model HG612 which is working but I thought it’s a wise move to start to think about replacing it with either a modem only or modem/router combo( that would be put into modem mode). I don’t want the BT homehubs due to what I’ve read can’t be placed in modem only mode which is a pain. I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend a replacement.
  7. I do, thats great now i know why. Its fine on the guest network.
  8. its funny you talk about iPhone not connecting. Ive got a few Apple devices and don't have an issue but my companion popped up and she has an old iPhone 5 and it refuses to join the network. to get around it I set up a guest network and hey presto it joined. I can't quite work out why my old iPad 2 and mini work fine yet, iPad pro and macbook connect too but her iPhone just refuses to connect to the main network.
  9. Unpin the window that’s not working as intended then add it again. Just search for the panel that’s not working, a pinned window shows the symbol in the top right as a solid white pin which indicates it’s added to the dashboard. I’ve had this just once and when I found the panel a simple unpin then add it again sorted it out.
  10. Are you using a VPN extension by any chance with Chrome? I have zenmate and if on can’t access unless I put the IP address in. Turning it off allows access, just a thought.
  11. I’m glad the app helped, it helped me map my house to see see what was going on. like Alex I have my PS4 connected via Ethernet and then just have my other stuff like my MacBook, echos and iPads on Wi-Fi. I have to have smart connect on as I’m using the Netgear extender as a mesh system and if I turn it off I lose the back channel and the roaming feature. With the Apple router and Apple extender I use to have to switch channel. The draw back is Apple devices don’t just swap to the nearest point, they need to hit a set point before it switches to an AP point. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT203068 I used Apples Airport Utility on my iPad to then see where it would swap as the scan shows a signal strength. The extender I use is this one. I picked it as it has a usb as I use that for a printer when I need it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-EX8000-100EUS-Nighthawk-Tri-Band-FastLane3/dp/B0756NR1C4 So far it’s been good, but it’s worth noting that anything connected to the extender can’t be controlled in the Duma software like Individual devices that connect directly to the router but it’s not an issue for me.
  12. That’s a shame, to be honest I doubt there’s much out there that offers better coverage. You could try an exchange as it might be faulty and try another and see if that helps.
  13. Looking at the blogs and the company info I think it’s a small team working away hard and I can understand the frustration that people have. Yes my 500 software maybe a bit buggy, bit like every game you purchase that needs patches but before I purchased the router I looked hard on the forums and took the chance that it will develop over time. I’m a patient kind of guy, might not be perfect but I hope to soon see it improve. Again I do know how frustrating it must be not to get fixes and ok the operating system needs some work but with a small team I’m guessing they are doing their best and they do try to help on the forums as much as possible. In fairness we need competition or else you are stuck with just a few products and let’s be fair it’s good to see something different that’s being worked on, hell Windows back in the old days was horrible, same with Mac but we knew it would get better and it has. Same with the net when BBS was the only thing, it’s improved over time. Again I understand that you want fixes and I’m sure they will come along but with a small company it might take longer and I hope you can stick with it and be part of what makes a difference as to be honest it’s users like yourself and others that draw attention to issues. Stay with it and watch it develop and just expect it might take longer but in the end we may have a great platform to enjoy our gaming on.
  14. I’ve all Apple setup and one issue that pops up is if I change channels sometimes my iPad Pro does not auto join for some reason. I’m using the latest iOS. Are you on Auto channel selection? I'm on one name, smart connect and the router is set for channel 6 on the 2.4 and channel 100dfs on 5ghz. Only happens occasionally on the iPad Pro, all my other Apple devices seem fine if I change channel. The other thing I have noticed is I’ve tried a guest network and that for some reason seems to be very iffy with Apple gear where like you my internet just stops out of the blue. It’s connected but just stops working.
  15. I don’t know what else to suggest if you can’t move your router. My 500 is on par with my Apple router with regards to coverage and like you I had mine one side of the house so I moved the router central. if your router is tucked away behind stuff it will suffer. I use the one name function and no problems along with the EX8000 extender to push it down the garden. Perhaps it’s interference that’s playing you about but maybe you could try positioning your extender closer as an experiment and see what happens. Have to say I’m happy with the EX8000 extender, works a treat and my speeds stay great when I’m connected to that.
  16. did you disable the QoS as Fraser suggested? Are you using the Speedtest app. I find it all over the place, if I try their web one it gives me the results I should get but for some reason the app on my iOS is just not right.
  17. I just screwed mine in to a finger tight setting. this may sound odd but are you connecting to the extender and what extender are you using? Are you sure you are connecting to the 500 and not the extender? How are you testing the speed when you get poor results?
  18. You mentioned an extender, are you still using this ? double check you have connected the aerials correctly, they are labelled for each slot. No idea what happens if they are connected to the wrong slots to be honest. I had to move my router to a central location to gain the best Wi-Fi, like you my old setup was one end of the house. I’ve also added an extender to reach outside and to be honest my old Apple TC had about the same Wi-Fi coverage. I use an app called Wi-fi SweetSpots and worked out where I was struggling but moving the router central has helped greatly.
  19. Are you still getting thrown out. the company I liked to is involved with sky boxes. http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/sky-router/54984-unknown-device-attached-devices.html your mystery device trying to connect looks very much like Sky. Is this the cause of your issues.
  20. iphones, iPads have auto join but only join known networks. Would be rare to see the same Wi-Fi name unless it’s something very common. i looked it up and came up with Wistron Neweb Corporation. http://www.wnc.com.tw/ this might help you track down what you have trying to connect, security cams, network and smart home devices.
  21. Hopefully the mods will know and it might shed some light. i don’t know much about that test, I’ve just tried it and I’m fairly sure it’s similar to dslreports. It came up with my connection being poor but I’ve a very good connection and have no issues. I believe it’s something to do with deep packet inspection on the 500 that makes the results off.
  22. I was getting kicked out of Apex and World of Warships and I worked out that under geo filter I simply select spectating mode and that solves the kicks and I live with it. In saying that a few friends have moved away from Virgin and they had problems with constant lag and poor connections. They may have been unlucky though but there is a thread on how to test your line just in case with Ping Plotter.
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