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  1. Anyone ever figure this out? Just got an xr300 and I see "nil" everywhere. I saw a admin post there would be an update? Lol
  2. I pay for 999 up and down. For some reason I get way less download then I do upload. I have a high quality lan cable and do have my computer hard wired to the xr500. I was wondering if the OP ever solved it. If he did, I wonder what he swithed on the ISP Modem to allow the xr500 to work at its full potential.
  3. Tried that too, and no luck.. I was wondering if there were any additional settings I needed to adjust on the xr500
  4. Literally having the same issue. My download speeds are super low with the xr500 and the ping goes up to 30 when it should be at 2. Contacted Atnt and they said I their Modem/Router would always have issues if connected to another router and they would not recommend using third party routers. Anyone ever figure out a solution? I know this post is almost a year old...Any advice I would appreciate it, if not ill just return the router
  5. This is true, dslreports is always acting up, but even when its acting up it would eventually stabilize it self and give me the semi accurate readings. I left the 700 connected for quit sometime and it was just consistent with an F buffer and a C overall. Quit confusing....
  6. I agree with you 100%. The only reason I got it was because it was on sale for black friday, so I wanted to see if it would make a difference. I was kinda shocked when I saw the scores I was getting with the 700. Just wasn't sure if it was bugged or if there was a setting I was missing on the 700 that the 500 didn't have. Wasn't aware that it had problems.
  7. Recently got the xr700 and the xr500. When I connect to my xr500 it works great, however when I use my xr700, I am getting really bad connection scores on speedtest. Even when I check to dslreports, my bufferbloat has an F rating and my overall is usually a C. With my xr500 I would get As all around and I have the same settings on both routers. What could be the issue? Possibly defective ?
  8. Copy that Jack, I will try that out. If that does't work, is it possible this modem became defective?
  9. The first picture is with my throttles both at 100 and the second pic is me throttling it from 100 to 99 on both up and download. Notice how much my download drops?
  10. Hey Jack thanks for the quick reply, so from the email you sent me, I already had my correct speeds set on the anti buffer bloat advanced options (bandwidth) I even set it a little higher just to insure I get the highest I can. My concern is this never used to happen before. I could throttle it to say 90 and I would get around 250 download and an A-B buffer bloat grade. Now my buffer bloat is C-F. What could be the issue? So my PC is wired and Deep Packet processing has always been off.
  11. Hey everyone, so to start off, my internet at 100 download cap and 100 upload cap is about 330/22 which is what it is supposed to be. Out of no where my internet began getting really slow. I used to throttle my internet from 100 to about 75 on congestion control, so I could get an A on buffer bloat and doing so, would give me about 170-220 download and about 18 upload, which I would assume is normal for throttling my internet down to 75 and it worked great. Anyways now throttling my internet even from 100 percent say to 98 percent on download gives me about 100-150 download and upload stays the same at about 18-22. My download goes way down for just dropping from 100 to 98. I can even throttle it down to 50 percent and ill still get the same speed I would if i throttle it at 98 percent, its so weird. This never used to happen before and I notice when I am on call of duty I start getting a lot more lag. I tried playing on just my Modem to subtract this being the issue and it worked just fun, no lag. So it has to be something going on with the Netduma. Any suggestions? Ive tried resetting them both and the IPv6 is disabled. Sorry if I made this confusing.
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