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  1. I don't know if this will work for you or anyone whose facing issues with this router... For me the fix was disabling QOS completely... and always use wired connection.
  2. Turn of QOS entirely and bufferbloat to never and see if you feel any difference in games
  3. Try disabling qos completely and see if that works for you.
  4. Don't know if this will work for you but try disabling qos completely...
  5. Turn qos off and see if it helps
  6. disable qos completely and see if that helps.
  7. turn off qos completely and you will be happy. i've tried qos with ufc 3 and nothing works. im running fiber optic connections and even though i set qos 70% download and 70% upload with low ping i still get connection disadvantage in game like i'm the one with booty connection. i thought this router will be a game changer but it is not sadly, but just a waste of money. just disable qos and your gaming will be back to normal or just get new router. these guys will tell you to try other settings but it's complete bs.
  8. Thank you all for the helpful response, i appreciate you guys and the hard work you guys put in this router and looking forward to future updates.
  9. thank you so much for clearing that all up.. so huge packet loss on one hop really don't cause issue with me playing multiplayer online? or if it does can my isp resolve this issue?..
  10. i'm still confused with the settings on this router. i played around with different settings and still don't know if i got it down yet on the qos part. i notice sometimes i'll be doing real good one day and other days it just feels like the router is not doing what i want it to be, or it might be my internet? i honestly don't know. i attach some ping plotter and some settings on the router to see if anyone more knowledgeable in this field could shed some light on what might be wrong or if everything is normal. i also did ip look up and found that my internet blacklist status as one BAD which is the dnsbl.spfbl.net to which i honestly don't know if it matters or not. plus on pingplotter it's showing 77% packet loss on hop 4. those this matter? and should i talk to my isp? i mainly play ufc 3 and notice times where my hits are not even effective or doing anything compared to my opponents in the same timezone with in my geo-filter circle. i've done lots of reboot and still feel like it's the router not working at it's full potential or my isp is messing around with me... if anyone can please help out i'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  11. is this normal on unprioritized packets? with only 3 devices connected? with all three devices connected Phone on wireless and pc and xbox one x on wired connection. this all happened while playing on console, my question is, is this all normal to be having packets in background while i'm playing multiplayer? is my settings off? a lil guidance will be great. Happy Thanksgiving.
  12. Just a curiosity.... is it normal to have lots of packets in the background being Uprioritized? am i using wrong settings??..
  13. these are my settings below, my question is am i supposed to have more packets being prioritize in the background even when i'm gaming?
  14. Will there be specific settings for ufc 3 on the xr500? or what's the best setting out there for EA Sports UFC 3?
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