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  1. Hey, Any chance for Dns over TLS upport via Cloudflare in the next update? Since this now the mainstream. I think this is a useful feature for people who want to secure their DNS queries.
  2. No, pretty much answerd my question. You can lock this thread.
  3. Ahhhh sweet that's all I wanted to know. Is in the retail firmware or BETA?
  4. XR500. I was looking at previous 2018 posts where some Fibre users has beta firmware with that option in. The only reason is I don't like that setup, is because it seems a mess nothing against yourself or other fibre users. I don't see why DHCP 60 or 61 isn't implemented into the current firmware, hence why I want to ditch the Asus router and just have my modem and the XR500 and have that pick up the IP. Is it some sort of legal issues because I've read that Sky allow non Sky routers just having some way of implementing DHCP 60 AND 61 into the DumaOS code, I mean is that even possible to put into code and have it in a future release? I would really like the XR500 but just puts me off the fact I can't use it without having basically two routers hooked up using DMZ. My setup is Vigor 130 (Bridge mode) - Asus RTAC3200 (Running Merlin, with the DHCP OPTION in gui) no Sky equipment. Hence why I wanted just to use the XR500 if I bought one, it is possible to ditch Sky equipment all together.
  5. Hello. I would really like to invest in this router but I am on Sky Fibre which requires DHCP OPTION 61 credentials to actually acquire an active IP. At this time I run a Vigor 130 modem and Asus RTAC3200 (Merlin Firmware) which runs fine, I do not want to have about 2 routers one in DMZ and all that jazz. Have the devs had any thought of including this in a non beta firmware from what I've been reading or will it never happen?
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