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  1. I have the configs and it paste the config in the advanced area as well as my user and pass. I've done this before and it worked but now i just sit at connecting and it never connects. Not sure if maybe i am doing something wrong as i haven't done it in awhile but I'm almost positive I'm doing the same thing as last time. EDIT: I got it to work but i had to use the tcp config and not the udp.. is there a reason why i cant use the udp config?
  2. cleared cache didnt work but rebooting did! All is good now thanks!!
  3. Ive been having this issue for awhile now. Every once and awhile it will work but 9/10 it always says the R-app didnt load yet and i can watch my network. Last night i randomly disconnect and i wanted to see if traffic was flooding my network or if my ISP was working on line nearby but i couldnt see my network stats. Device manager aswell doesnt work sometimes. Im on Firmware version R1
  4. I signed up but i think i accidentally deleted the email that may have had the download in it. I cant resign up cause its says im already subscribed.
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