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  1. On 5/3/2019 at 7:11 AM, Netduma Iain said:

    The details of QoS is different on different platforms (we use fq-codel, codel and our own algo for bufferbloat). Kudos to David Taht for codel implementation btw. But remember that is only a 1/3 of our current QoS solution ;) Watch this space....

    Interesting! Can we get the Cake Queue Discipline with the DumaOS?

  2. Depending on which version of the firmware and on which WAN Port or SFP+ Port on XR700, my workstation CPU usage increase a bit more than normal compare to my WRT3200ACM where is not noticible.

    On the SFP+ Port with the v1.0.1.10 when you run a speedtest that reach above 940Mbps, my CPU usage on my workstation can get up to 40-50%. On the new beta, the speedtest is around 650Mbps and the CPU is at 30-40%.

    I also noticed that in the Task Manager -> Performance tab -> Scroll down to Ethernet -> The output value is higher there compare to the value seen on a speedtest.net or the ISP speed test.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    I'm sure they will continue to work on the speeds, glad to hear it is snappier.

    It feels snappier!


    1 hour ago, e38BimmerFN said:

    WAN to LAN speeds are still no where near 900Mbps though. ☹️

    It's not only the WAN Port-to-LAN but also on the SFP+ Port-to-LAN. You can no longer get the 1Gbps but a slower speed around 650Mbps.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Does it happen when factory resetting via the interface and using the reset button at the back of the router? 


    Factory reset with the "Erase button" on the WAN Port-to-LAN setup Wizard:

    • It happens with the interface not responding with Chrome and I have to refresh the browser.
    • Sometime I refresh the browser, it open 1 or 2 incognito windows in the tab. 

    Factory reset with the "Erase Button or Reset Button" on the SFP+ Port-to-LAN setup Wizard:

    • The button on the initial setup is not responsive when you click on next.
    • I get sometime weird code on the page.
    • Problem Detecting the Internet Connection.

    Wrong Text.PNG

    Problem Detecting the Internet Connection.PNG

  5. 19 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    I think you'd be very lucky for any manufacturer to give you an end of life date, it's just not really done. In our eyes it's still very new so we're excited to see the software to progress on the router!

    We still don't have any reply from Netgear for this topic but we already got 2 answers from Netduma Tech Support & Customer Support.

    Maybe Luke Barlow (Netduma CEO) or Lain Fraiser (Netduma CTO) could answer to my question:

    I would like to know how many years/ when the "Support End Date"/ version x.x.x.x until they stop releasing a DumaOS update on a Netgear XR700?

    Thank you,

  6. 1 hour ago, e38BimmerFN said:

    If it's anything like NGs R7000 series, that router model is going on 6 years old. NG is still pushing FW updates for it. However anything is possible when it comes to EOL and NG. Again, router Mfrs don't tent to mention when they will be making EOL for there products. It just happens.  

    Yeah I know but I was hoping to see a "End of Life" for the hardware and a "Support End Date" for the Operating System. At least when you purchase a PC or a mobile device with a specific OS, you always know there's an expiration dates for each of their supports.

    For a user, I think it's important to know when the support will end for the DumaOS like most of Operating System (Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android) have a "Support End Date" for each version of their OS. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Netduma Alex said:

    It's a question for NETGEAR really, but I know there's new firmware currently in beta testing. We don't really have a plan for how long we'll support it for, but we have no immediate plans to drop support. From our end, we'll send the latest DumaOS updates to NETGEAR, and then it's down to them to actually publish the firmware updates. We haven't dropped support for a product yet.

    Thanks Alex but I would prefer to get an official answer published for a "Netgear XR700 Support End Date" coming from Netgear or Netduma.

    On the software side, It would be nice if the DumaOS become like a Windows OS, then Netduma would be able to send regularly a DumaOS upgrade directly to the users. On the hardware side, Netgear could just concentrated on the drivers and firmwares for their hardwares.

  8. 12 hours ago, ToastyJ said:

    I just purchased an XR500 and was so excited to set it up as I have been wanting one for a while now. I finally got everything setup with Xfinity (ugh, I know) and did a speedtest and I'm not even breaking 90mbps download. My plan is 1000mbps. When directly connecting to my modem I'm getting around 400mbps, but when I plug into my router (hardwired to PC with a Cat7 cable) I get no more than 90mbps.


    The Factory Reset it's optional but it will make sure that everything will be reset to the default. If you want to do the Factory Reset:

    • Press and hold the physical button "Reset" for 30 seconds on the XR700 or with the DumaOS -> Settings -> Administration -> Backup Settings -> Erase.

    Then make sure these 3 settings are set correctly:

    • Bandwidth Allocation - Download and Upload must have a "REST DISTRIBUTION" on both so you can get a distribution equal number on every devices.
    • Anti-Bufferbloat -> Hamburger Button (Options) -> Disabled QoS.
    • Anti-Bufferbloat -> Apply: Never -> Download and Upload set at 100% 

    Do your speed test on your ISP Speedtest or at Speedtest.net and you should see your 1000Mbps.

  9. When I disable the WAN Port mirroring to LAN Port 1, my internet connection on the WAN Port is getting back to 650Mbps but it will not get the 1 Gbps like the SFP+ Port which I already reported in the topic "XR700 is not reaching the 940Mbps speed on the WAN Port ".

    Is it normal that when you enable the WAN Port mirroring to LAN Port 1, the WAN Port is dropping my internet speed from 650Mbps to 84Mbps on the XR700?

  10. Fraser, 

    I saw another bug when I downgraded from the latest firmware to the shipping firmware v1.0.0.20 and I did a factory reset, the setup wizard at the "Set Up Your WiFi" page doesn't displayed the default SSID and default Password that is writing on sticker of the XR700. Instead it displayed my personal SSID and my personal Password that I have chosen from the previous factory reset from the latest firmware.

  11. On ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 4:20 AM, Hadrien said:

    When I was in AP mode, everything worked fine but when I switched to Router mode, I get troubles and now I can't manage with my phone...

    I confirmed if you put your XR500/XR700 in "Router Mode" and add another router in "AP Mode", the My Phillips Hue Bridge will work fine, no disconnection.


    On ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 4:20 AM, Hadrien said:

    No one have this problem ? Link phone to bridge with xr500 in router mode ?

    I have experienced the issue with my Phillips Hue Bridge too when my Phillips Hue Bridge is connected to a LAN port of my XR700. My Phillips Hue Bridge won't turn on my lights when I'm pressing on button "On" in iOS/Android/Windows App. Sometime I have to turn it "Off" and turn it back "On" in the app, restart the App, or restart the XR700 so I can get back the connection between my bridge and the router. 

  12. 10 hours ago, Netduma Alex said:

    When you say disconnected from LAN on the WAN port, do you mean that you're using the WAN port (as opposed to the SFP+ port) to connect to the internet and your LAN connections are dropping?

    Yes, the WAN Port/the Ethernet Port (yellow) that's label with the word "Internet" on the XR700.

  13. I want to verify if the issue Disconnected from LAN on the WAN Port that I noticed since the Milestone 1.3 on the Netduma R1 is fixed. Sadly, this was not fix on XR500 and the flagship XR700.

    I'm still getting a Disconnected from LAN on the WAN Port with my new XR700 and I tested with the firmware v1.0.0.20 to v1.0.1.10.

  14. Just now, Netduma Fraser said:

    Okay thank you both for the information, we weren't aware of this as it hasn't appeared in our testing. I've let the team know so hopefully they can reproduce it.

    The User Interface in XR700-V1.0.0.20  was really fast to load but not the in latest Public and Beta Firmware. It's not normal that after each firmware version release is getting slower and slower..

  15. 40 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Okay thanks, roughly how many times out of 10 would you see the wizard performing weirdly?

    Sometime it happens back to back and some other time it shows all the steps correctly. I didn't test intensively with the same firmware to see how many time it could occurs on 10 time. Sorry can give you a correct answer for now. I saw a lot loading page of:

    "400 Bad Request

    This server does not support the operation requested by your client."

    If you refresh your browser, it will go back few step page behind from where you are in the setup Wizard. For example, you are at the page 5 and you get the "400" Bad Request, you will refresh your browser and it could bring you back 1 or many pages behind, or even restart the whole setup.

    40 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Does it work if you change the option first before unplugging the cable and switching ports?

    Nope you can't, it will display this "Error: The cable is not connected to the port. "in red

  16. 1 hour ago, Netduma Fraser said:

    Does it happen every single time or is it random? 

    It happen randomly.

    I noticed another issue after setup Wizard with the Wan Port Preference to 10G LAN SFP+Port (10 Gbps) first and If you decide to switch back by unplugging the RJ45 cable from SFP+ Port and you plug it into the WAN Port,  then I go to Setting -> Internet Setup -> Select Internet Port (1Gbps) and click "Apply", It reload the page with an "Error: Unable to establish an Internet connection." in red. You won't have any information filled in Internet IP Address and Domain Name Server (DNS) Address.

    I tried to Reboot and I can't obtain both of them the Dynamically from ISP or the Automatically from ISP are blank. You can only switch from SFP+ Port to WAN Port by redoing the setup Wizard, then your "Status: Connected to Internet" in blue will come back with the Internet IP Address and DNS will obtain automatically but sometime I saw this page "Problem Detecting the Internet Connection" (see the attachment) during the setup.

    On the other hand if you setup with Wan Port Preference to Internet Port (1 Gbps) first,  you decide to switch back to the SFP+ Port by unplugging the RJ45 cable from WAN Port and you plug it into the SFP+ Port,  then I go to Setting -> Internet Setup -> Select 10G LAN SFP+Port (10 Gbps) and click "Apply", It will reload the page with a "Status: Connected to Internet" in blue . You will have your Internet IP Address filled and Domain Name Server (DNS) Address filled. Sometime you will need to do a reboot to get the "Status: Connected to Internet" in blue and Internet IP Address and DNS will obtain automatically. From there, you can switch back in forward between WAN Port to SFP+ Port or SFP+ Port to WAN Port without the need to do a factory reset.

     AN Port Preference
    Internet Port (1 Gbps)


    Problem Decting the Internet Connection.PNG

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